Tips to improve your websites conversion rate

Getting traffic to your website is not the only important thing, another important thing is that traffic should convert.  If you want leads, sales and revenue, you need to focus on some crucial conversion tracking metrics for improving your conversion rate. Website traffic is merely a part of the success equation, if it is not converting, it isn’t really doing anything. There are some sites that don’t have enough traffic but their conversation rates are great. That means they are following the right strategy for boosting conversion.

Take a look these tips to improve the conversion rate of your website:

Use visuals

Visual content always outperforms text-based content. A consumer would rather watch a video or skim through an infographic instead of reading a lengthy product description. Along with the video, there should be a call-to-action to actually let the visitor take some action if he likes something. By using visuals, you can get the full attention of your visitor and make him understand your offer so that he can take some action.

Test the content length

After visuals, you also have to be sure you use the right amount of text in the sales copy. Sometimes, a short copy outperforms a longer one. This surely depends on your niche and product. To make sure you are using the right content length, it won’t be a bad idea to test which one brings you more conversion.

Use guarantees, reviews and testimonials.

When a consumer is purchasing something online, he wants to feel confident that he is buying from a trustworthy business and he is making the right choice. Of course, there are ways you can make your customer trust your brand but if there are guarantees, reviews or testimonials available, they can improve your conversion rates. You must place them where they are clearly visible to the customer.  You would never want your customer to search for such information on his own because if he doesn’t find it, he will never make a purchase.

Add Call-To-Action

If you have got everything else right, but there is no CTA, no leads will ever generate. When a visitor lands on your website, you have a few seconds to direct him to the CTA. So make sure it is placed somewhere clearly visible to your visitor. That’s not it, the CTA should make sense too.

Keep the design simple

A responsive website design has lots of benefits and improving the conversion rate is one of them. If your product or service is complicated, make it simple with the help of a simple design. That also means no matter what device a visitor uses to browse your website, he must have a great viewing experience. When there are a few distractions, the visitor will be pushed towards the CTA and he will complete the action you wanted them to complete.

There are plenty of other ways you can improve the conversion rate of your website. But if you hold on to the right ones, it won’t be long till you start seeing improvement.