The Top Benefits of Laser Cutters

In the metal fabrication industry, cutting is the most widely used and basic process. Today, laser cutting is considered the go-to option for these jobs because it offers several advantages compared to other methods. It is possible to go to Boss Laser’s Facebook page to learn more about laser cutters, but there are a few advantages offered by using these machines found below.


When someone cuts materials with a laser, there is no exchange of tools for every cut. The exact same setup can be used for cutting many shapes as long as the thickness of the material remains the same. Also, more complex and intricate cuts do not pose any type of issue for these cutters.


Another clear advantage offered by laser cutting vs. thermal cutting methods is its high level of accuracy. With an accuracy of +/-0.1mm, users have the opportunity to reach higher levels of precision without any type of after-treatment. In most situations, this high of a standard means that there is no need for added tolerances.


With laser cutters, it is possible to create the same cut time and time again. In fact, the +/- 0.05 mm makes sure that each part is a replica of the last.


Using a laser cutter is a process that is much faster than more traditional mechanical cutting methods. This is especially true in the case of more complicated or intricate cuts.

When laser cutting is compared to thermal cutting, such as what is done with a flame or plasma, the laser beats them in speed to a set thickness, which is around 10 mm. The specific advantage point comes down to the laser cutter’s power.


Minimal manpower is required with modern cutting machinery. These tools are extremely automated. Experienced machine operators will still play a huge role in the overall quality, but the cutting speed requires very little input from manual labor. This results in much lower costs than what is seen with other types of cutting methods.

There are some machines that will come with feeding systems, too, along with follow-up conveyors. Just keep in mind that these types of setups will cost more than just purchasing a basic laser cutting machine.


With the right setup, laser cutters will only leave behind a small burr. In many situations, it is not even necessary to remove it. However, this is dependent on the material, how thick it is, and several other factors.

Another benefit is there is a very small heat-affected zone. As the microstructure on the HAZ changes, there will be a much smaller HAZ area. This provides much more predictable and reliable parts.

When it comes to using a laser cutter, there are more than a few benefits offered. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to see what these cutters can do and what they have to offer. In the long run, this is going to pay off and help ensure the desired results are achieved from the laser cutter that is used.