Dos and Don’ts to remember while buying ahostingplan

No matter what website you have, you must get a proper hosting and domain name. With proper hosting, you will have direct access to the server where your website’s information will be loaded.

Even though every website owner chooses a host at one point in time, it is essential to understand all the factors before you buy hosting. For this reason, here we have presented a set of things that need to be considered before buyingeven the best web host service. Additionally, we have also mentioned the things which you should not do while purchasinga web hosting service.

Do choose a unique domain name representing the business

Your domain name will be the unique ID of your website for both, search engines and the end-users. This name will represent what the business is about. You can consider the website’s domain name to be the spokesperson. Thus, you must choose a unique name that will help you set your business apart from competitors in the digital market.

Do choose a host with the latest website building tools

Many hosting platforms offer several in-built web building and designing tools. Since these are in-built, you won’t have to indulge in hardcore programming to develop the website. All you will need is the correct set of tools and properly managed plug-ins. The rest of the work will be done by the hosting provider only. So, always opt for a host that comes with the latest, modern tools that will allow you to develop and upgrade your website as per the market standards.

Do start with the basic plan for beginner startups

Every hosting provider offers several plans for hosting. It will be best to go with the basic plan and learn how the hosting provider works. Get the required audience buildup, and then you can shift to a premium or any other intermediate higher package.

Don’t add common words and phrases to the domain name

When you buy a hosting plan, you will have to choose a domain name. Most people make mistakes in adding a common word or phrase to their domain name, which puts them in a tough spot. A common name might not attract users, and hence, your SEO rank will decrease over time. For example, if you want to establish a website for your café, do not go foran obvious domain name thatincludes coffee or other generic words.

  • Don’t go for complex and outdated web hosting tools

There are some hosting providers who come with complex tools that only a tech-savvy person canhandle. Since this is not possible for every business owner, choosing such a website hosting platform will cause you more problems.

  • Don’t jump to premium web hosting plans immediately

One of the major mistakes you could make is jumping straight to a premium package for hosting in India, knowing very well that the services might not help you in fulfilling the requirements.

When buy domain and hosting services, be aware of the above dos and don’ts that could impact your website.

Sonam is a programming enthusiast and an avid keynote speaker. Her work includes responsive programming, mobile app development and much more. With her inputs through blogs, she has helped her readers apply best solutions and have community supported tools for enhancement of their online ventures.