The impact of good score on adword

It must be now clear to everyone that a good and quality score is absolutely essential for adword. It must be always kept in mind. The more your ad will be highlighted and done in a special way the more important your ad becomes. Thus a good score is very essential for an ad.

How score is measured? :

Generally when a user conducts a search, Google AdWords conducts an internal ad auction to determine whether its ad is acceptable by the people in the outside world. This is very vital. Google has publicly stated on numerous occasions their underlying belief that it’s better to display no ads at all than to display irrelevant ads and by doing so it will lose to earn its incremental revenue. Quality Score basically determines and decides that whether the keyword is relevant or not. The more times an advertiser’s ads are deemed eligible to enter the auction, the more impressions and thus they will get more exposure) they will receive. There are some formulas that are required to be calculated.

  • Multiply your maximum Cost per Click bid by your quality score. You will obviously get a high quality score that will affect the positioning of your ad.
  • It is largely possible for an advertiser with a lower bid and higher Quality Score to have a high rank in case of advertisement. This is the actual fact.
  • It’s important to note that a keyword’s Quality Score is basically very important in all the aspects. It plays a very essential role too.  This is referred to as the impression threshold.  Once the keyword receives any type of significant impressions, its Quality Score will start to reflect how it is performing and other related matters specifically. 

This is only possible only if you have a lot of keywords in your account that have comparatively lower impressions on market. These keywords will not be evaluated or measured by its lower score in adword.  Until and unless the keywords reached and touches the heart there will be no such influence on the quality score. Thus it can be said prior to this that google ad quality score role plays a very vital role in several ways.

Quality Score is absolutely essential as it decides whether your ad will be extended or not. It must be said that your motive must not be to gain and earn profits. The first thing is that you should aim at performing a good quality ad on the screen. Once it is approved and gained popularity all other things will be achieved automatically. This should be the main thing and motto of the people.  Google also recently has started a new approach. It has commenced testing adding the domain in the first line of the ad, but an ad must reach the top position to qualify. Hence from the above discussion now it must be very clear to all about the importance of good quality ad score.