The AX5S Austar remote controller for taking RC cars and boats to a different level

The RC racing toys such as cars and boats have taken the racing to a different level. The professional racers or those having hobbies are looking for different types of controller. It’s all about taking RC racing to next level where they get a nice control over the device. One of the most used controllers for RC car and boat racing is the AUSTAR AX5S which has a smooth receiving to control the car or boat properly. The professionals want a controller that is easy to hold and smooth in function. It provides a rapid signal transmission which makes the car or boat to change the position in an instant. The distinct feature that is available with the controllers.

Easy grip with one hand: This controller is made to be held with one hand only. It has a rubber grip and does warn off when there is sweat in the hand. The weight is light and does not make the hand to feel the weight when using it for a longer period of time. All the buttons are significantly so that you are not having any problem. It is easy to use the buttons while you are using the controller. Due to the nice grip, the controller does not slide and you are having a proper control of the device.

Frequency and Anti jamming: The controller works in the amazing frequency range of 2.4GHz to 2.4GHz. It is the perfect frequency setup for Car & Boat Transmitters & Receivers even when using it in professional racing. The other fact that it is containing is an Anti-Jamming feature. Sometimes some other RC racing user might bring some jammers to jam the remote controllers. Even if the jamming device works for few seconds but in those seconds huge damage can be done. The anti jamming helps to keep the controller to work smoothly without any kind of interference. It has three channels which allow the user to use a channel for your RC car or boat.

Online availability: This device is available online in with attractive prices. This is one masterpiece that can be hard to find near local stores. Even if it is there then you would be paying a little extra for it. Online delivery of the controller is made within few working days and they are delivered to the address provided by you.