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Now get a tantalizing glimpse of upcoming attraction this year by PS4. The company might dropping the launch of E3 for some time but that doesn’t mean you should despair the hype of forthcoming PS4 games.

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New games are just on the corner as PS4 trade-in value to provide reliance and impact in all the games. In fact, according to the latest report, Sony just confirmed the launch of its next GEN console also known as the PS5

Well, the games are arranged in order with their final release date with the confirmation of their final launch as ps4 trade in the latest games. All the games mentioned below are not exclusive and will also appear on some other consoles.

  1.    CONTROL

From the makers of the known series Max Payn, here comes Control. It is an action game in the world of supernatural beings where you cannot trust anybody. The quest for survival will lead you to some life-changing secrets.


Get your Gear, VR, and all gaming accessories on the board because the known shooter-looter is here. You need to collect charms to win guns and more weapons. Plus, it is easy and safe to buy them online, just as easy to find where to buy 223 ammo online.


The game was dropped a couple of years ago where it blew minds, broke hearts and set fire among all the games introduced. Final Fantasy VII is a remake with new battlefields, guns, and machinery.


This game will allow you to build weapons and sell it to people to save the island from the destructive forces. You can collect charms to reach the next level and explore new dangers.


The twin sisters and their computer-controlled partner fight for the ultimate battle of the freedom of citizens. They are on a mission to rescue their father who was the second American Revolution hero.  

  1.    DREAMS

It’s time to be creative. Expand your imagination and build creatures that can help you explore a new planet and you can create the whole community.

  1.    The Last of Us Part II

It is the battle of survival and you are alone fighting all the struggles. You are out of basic necessities and you must fight for the ultimate quest of your life.


You can become a furious pirate and rule over the seas. Defeat your foes in tactical naval combat and gather a team of brave heroes.


Crash Team Racing takes you to the nostalgic Crash Bandicoot where you create fun creatures and race till you reach the next level.

  1.    CODE VEIN

In a destructive world where you have bloodlust that you can’t avoid. You need the blood of your enemy to survive but this lust can make you a monster that your partner hunts. Choose your weapon wisely and coordinate well with your partner to survive.


In the world of martial arts, you’ll discover the character of a girl. Young and beautiful but anxious to avenge his father’s murderers.

The company will soon launch the games till then you can count on games that are already breaking all the market records.

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