Strong Visual Aids For Your Live Project

Every company has a story to tell. We help you tell that story in the most memorable so that your way brand shines. Our team of designers and animators are ready to craft the perfect video for you to bring your vision to life. As one of the best live event production companies, we produce both educational and entertainment videos including live event coverage.

Why Choose Catalyst Companies as a Live Event Production Companies

  • 3D animation. Our team of experienced animators brings on board their cutting-edge animation effects thus giving your brand an image and bringing your concepts to life.
  • Educational videos. Most people know education videos to be boring and this has greatly affected the sales of such content. The Catalyst Companies is here to change all that. We will turn your educational videos into an engaging and fun while not sacrificing quality.
  • Live and studio video coverage. We are not like most of the live event production companies out there who prefer to shoot videos on studio only. To us location is not a problem, what is important is delivering the outcome. You get to choose how to communicate your message.
  • Captivating documentaries. A great idea is better told through a captivating story. People better appreciate a story if it is passed through a clear lens. Our Catalyst creative team is here to help you capture that story in a crystal clear manner. Simply request for proof of our past projects and see how our top clients love our work.
  • Instructional product videos. The purchasing power of people has become stronger because of the internet. If you can’t show your audience how your products function, they will not be inclined to purchase it. Video speaks a lot about your product and is one of the best ways to promote products or services. Whether it is a product or event you are promoting, we want to make it irresistible. We are known for producing captivating videos that make our customers wanting more.
  • USB technology. The era of DVDs is slowly fading away and that is why Catalyst Companies has developed a proprietary mechanism for you that include secured USB drives that function better than the DVD medium.

Add A Personal Touch To Your Audience

An event would be so dry and boring if people who attend don’t get to see the effort put by all concerned to make the event a success. A behind-the-scenes look adds familiarity to your videos. Take for instance Tom Ferry’s video on how he prepares for an event that we have produced which has so far attracted more than 250,000 views on our social media handles.

Are you planning a bubbly event and can visualize how the event will be full of energy? We can create a promo video for you to get your marketing campaign to the next level. We have produced promo videos to help your audience visualize their experience at an event and the result has been amazing with all tickets being sold out.

Let’s Break Down The Cost To You

There are three main determining factors when it comes to arriving at the cost. These are:

  1. The length of the video
  2. The scale of animation/graphics
  3. The video shooting

Whatever your needs, we are here to work with you and settle on a pricing plan that fits your budget. A tall promotional video for an event or a product that will drive your audience into action starts at $50K. A Grande shoot with stunning shots and breathtaking shots including custom music and graphics starts from $20K. Catalyst will give your piece a cinematic look through multiple dimensions. We also have seasoned professions who will go that extra mile to help you with everything from makeup to casting locations. Consider it a supersize of the Grande. For this large-scale production, we start at $20K.

How to Spot The Best Company For Your Event

Regardless of the event, you are holding, whether it’s a Gala Dinner or product launch, it is crucial for you to choose the best live event production companies so as to avoid running into serious problems. Here a few pointers to help you make an informed decision.

  • Experience: most people who call themselves event managers actually don’t have the credentials to attach to that title. Perhaps they just helped out a friend organize a friendly event. A good company should provide solid evidence of projects they have worked on before. At Catalyst Companies, we have a collection of independent pieces that we have produced for top clients and they just love our job.
  • Relevant expertise: look for a company that has specific expertise in your area of interest. Professional video shooting and live coverage are what we specialize in. our team of experts is skilled at what they do and we have top of the range audio visual equipment. Our flawless production even for large projects makes us an exceptional team.
  • Recommendations: be shy to ask for recommendations before working with an event company. Let them show you photos and events from past projects. Repeat clients are a major sign to indicate that a company is doing well in whatever they are doing. The clients keep coming back because they are content with the job. We are happy to show you what our happy clients are saying about our company. Check out our client testimonial videos and see how we stand out.

Contact Us

We would love to hear your story. Connect with us and tell us about your next event or project. You can call, text or send an email and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours. Then leave the rest to us. We would love to tell your story in an engaging way through high-quality videos, 3D animation, and other graphics. Enjoy our continuous customer service. We are open Monday through Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm.