Smart Solutions in Growing the Wealth Easily

Money, as a concept, is a medium of exchange that is given value under certain cultural guidelines. However, it is important to take care of it and try to make it grow since it is one of the tools to generate wealth and prosperity, which ends up benefiting the entire society.


Saving is the basic behavior that most people go to start capitalizing and have a stable base. Very good concept as it provides balance and predictability in your personal finances.

However, great businessmen, like Rockefeller, said that money is like energy , you have to make it flow. That is why it is convenient for your capital to grow in some way.

Ways to grow your money

Fixed term

It is the most basic and simple way of investment, almost without risks, but with little profitability.

Purchase of real estate

It does not have to be a property, you can invest in a small piece of land, a parking lot and then rent and amortize the capital or in a mortgage trust whose legal figure guarantees you a very low risk.

Investment portfolio

This is usually done by a commercial bank that designs a series of generally diversified investments and manages them themselves.

Put money in micro-businesses

For example, contribute capital in a business of a known person such as bars, restaurants, among others, to take a percentage of the profit.

Purchase of Shares, Bonds and Derivatives

The first more stable with an expiration date and with a fixed or variable rate. Derivatives have a lot of risk, but a great return. It is advisable to leave it in the hands of experts.

Foreign currency, gold

Buy the gold bar with a foreign denomination or currency, both are listed in transparent markets and can be easily sold at the time you require it. As you Visit this link for access you will understand the best solution now.

Surely, you consider wealth as the value of all the assets that you have accumulated under your name, such as real estate, investments, bank accounts, cars, among others.

However, investments and bank accounts are only part of your financial capital, which represents all your money saved and put to work in the market. There is an additional concept, known as human capital, which is the potential to earn income over time. The result of your work plus that of your financial capital, makes up your total wealth.

Wealth = human capital + financial capital

During your life cycle, your wealth dynamics behave as follows:

In an initial stage when you are young, your human capital is very broad, in terms of the income potential that we could have as a result of working during future years and, as we approach our retirement stage, they tend to decrease.