Review and Specifications of Revenger 220W

Whatever remains of the general design is genuinely standard, with a front-mounted screen, control catches, and USB charge port, alongside a solid, tight attractive battery entryway that houses two 18650s in arrangement. The screen itself appears a bit of exhausting, given the look of the gadget, yet it unmistakably and precisely displays the data you require. Possibly my desires were too high at this value point, however the screen’s absence of “energy” stands out in all the wrong ways.

The high-sheen cosmetics of the Revenger everything except ensures fingerprints will be a ubiquitous issue. Be that as it may, notwithstanding the abundance of polished areas, the mod never feels dangerous, nevertheless when held by nervous hands.

It ought to be noticed here at Revenger 220W review that the Revenger has an inside “choice” catch, which fills in as a decent other option to the standard “long-press the fire catch” activity/passage conspire. It’s a natural choice that bodes well once clients start exploring the menus (which, lamentably, don’t).

Every one of the feel on the planet don’t make a difference if the Revenger doesn’t perform up to desires, and I’m glad to report that, generally, Vaporesso has designed a strong workhorse. Utilizing the all-new Omni 2.0 chipset, clients will appreciate a completely fleshed suite of wattage, TC, and TCR modes, alongside sidestep and CCR settings for those with more particular vaping inclinations.

Vaporesso’s incorporated NRG sub-ohm tank (does the name signify “Vitality?” or “Goad?”) is another region worth some bandwidth. Acquiring more than a couple of design signals from SMOK’s Beast tanks, the NRG is a juice-chugging, cloud-overwhelming monster that takes a gander at home on the Revenger, alongside most some other mod in this class.

In Revenger 220W review this stocky 5mL tank has a couple of execution characteristics of note. First off, even with totally open wind stream, there’s a capable of being heard shriek, and a strange measure of drag. This is likely due to the worked in dribble tip spit back channel, which makes a better than average showing with regards to of securing your lips against undesirable scatter, yet in addition restrains the capability of the tank.

The included GT4 (quad-core) and GT8 (octo-core) curls both offer more than a couple of similitudes with the Beast offerings. However, while these have generally low protections, taking both of them north of 80 watts delivers more warmth than the wind stream can handle, prompting dry, marginally consumed hits at higher temps.