Reasons why Offset Printing is still flourishing

Offset printing is also known as conventional printing. It got its name conventional as it is being used since very long. Earlier when the advertisements were mainly done through posters and hoardings, since that time offset printing is being used. It is a commonly used technique in which the inked image is transferred to a rubber blanket from the plate. After that, it is transferred to the printing surface. Offset printing is widely done for making big posters and other such stuff. The process is a very old technique which is getting easier day by day with the increase in the technology. For advertisement purpose even though there are various ideas and ways to advertise a product but still offset printing is chosen above all the other ways. In order to get the business known to the common man, it is necessary to make them aware of the business, and it can be done through big hoardings only.

Services provided by the offset printers

There are many other services which are provided by the offset printers apart from big posters. For long runs, people still consider using offset printing. There are other things like oversized formats and direct mail printing for which there can be no substitute for conventional offset printing. No matter how much the technology is advanced and no matter how many new printing technologies develop; still offset printing is widely preferred. Some of the modern presses are equipped to apply fluorescent and metallic inks. Some of them are now even using spot colors and in-line coating.

Various forms of printing services

Even though offset printing is the oldest, still many types of new printing have emerged. Now the printers offer many printing services which include software development, design making, digital printing, large format printing. All of these are used for special works. For example, software development is used majorly to design the digital graphics assets as nowadays digital word is very prominent. Another type such as large format produces wonderful displays with inkjet for in-store display, window signage and also vehicle wraps.