Professional Magento developers in New York

  • commerce websites have become very popular in the recent years and offers a huge potential for merchants to get paying customers. However, with so many e-commerce websites floating about in the internet, it is imperative for online merchants to use user-friendly and highly functional websites to sell their products and services. For this purpose, online sellers need the help of highly trained professional e-commerce website developers. There are many agencies in New York which are engaged in the field of e-commerce website development.

Magento services

Magento is a popular open platform which is highly suitable for developing e-commerce websites for small, mid-sized and large businesses due to its high flexibility. A professional New York Magento Agency has teams of e-commerce website developers specialising in Magento platform. The developers create highly customisable and responsive Magento websites utilising all the the features of Magento platform.

Functions of the Magento developers

The Magento developers integrate all the functions present in Magento to create user-friendly websites. The various functions include grouping by sets, latest viewed and added items, plugins, themes, multiple payment gateways, feedback, carts, etc. The Magento website is made scalable and customisable so that more products and features can be added to it in the future as the business grows and internet traffic is increased.

The Magento developers use Search Engine Optimisation to drive traffic to the Magento e-commerce website. The various elements required for good indexing by the search engines are all integrated into the website. These include URLs, meta tags, keywords, popular requests, etc. In-built SEO helps the e-commerce website in becoming more visible to the internet users.

Magento offers extensive marketing opportunities to the online sellers due to a number of features. The various features such as wish-lists, coupons, discounts, related products, new products and common products are utilised by the Magento developers to enable the online sellers to engage in productive marketing activities.

Analytics and reporting tools can also be integrated into the Magento website. These tools provide reports pertaining to various aspects of customer’s behaviour such as carts, purchases, searches, best buyers, list of pointed products, etc. The internet traffic to the website can also be analysed using the tools. Analysis of the customer’s behaviour help in planning new strategies to boost sales. Internet traffic analysis reveals whether the current internet traffic is sufficient or new marketing strategies are required to improve the internet traffic.

Multiple payment gateways are integrated into the Magento website as per the requirements of the client. Magento also supports multiple shipping vendors. Catalog management and content management tools are used to suit specific business needs of the clients.

Magento websites are highly customisable. Thus, magento developers will encounter no difficulty in editing the website as per the changing business requirements of the client. Adding new products and latest information is also simple because Magento websites are highly scalable. All such tasks are easily performed by the developers whenever required.

Magento developers create highly responsive websites. Responsive design of  the websites allow to them to be viewed optimally in all kinds of devices of various sizes and shapes. The responsive design of the websites make them adapt to any viewing platform. The loading speed of the web pages are also fine tuned to optimum level to retain users.

Support is always available from the Magento developers to fix bugs and resolve other problems which may crop up from time to time.

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