ORM Marketing Can Save Your Hotel

ORM marketing, otherwise known as online reputation management marketing, is an evolving industry that all individuals and businesses should consider implementing into their corporate strategy. Reviews mean everything to a company. Think about it for a moment this way: You are in search of an affordable hotel after you spent a wonderful ten days in Costa Rica so you decide to venture through the options on Expedia. Of course you are more price sensitive at this time since you only need one night near the airport to avoid a long morning drive. Guest reviews are something that you as a customer will check. However, what happens if you see one or two awful reviews that depicts the fact that bed bugs were crawling in the scratchy bed? You are definitely not going to choose that hotel. For the hotel, however, this could be detrimental to their business. They need to fix up their issues and then reply to the angry customer as soon as possible to mitigate the issue. If not, their hotel may just be at risk of closure. This is where ORM marketing comes into place… You need it in order to survive in the online sphere where everyone looks at reviews. Some companies are more sensitive to this than others, such as restaurants and hospitality. The 2017 Local Consumer Survey conducted by BrightLocal has found that 97% of clients read online business reviews, while 85% of customers trust these reviews as much as they trust recommendations from family and friends. What a difference this can make for the health of your small business or individual brand if it is not kept under the radar!

How does ORM marketing work? In a nutshell, reputation management controls and monitors the reviews and comments that are said about you online. If a bad news article pops up on Google’s first page, you are in bad luck and need an ORM marketing assessment… pronto! Companies such as Reputation.Management specify in personalized consultations to help your ORM marketing needs on a weekly basis. It is a long-haul job that requires expertise, and at the end of the day marketing is essential to your livelihood. Your online reputation is worth the investment.