Optimise your Content for Improved SEO with these 6 Tricks

Digital marketing continues to evolve every day. So does content and SEO marketing strategies. Businesses are slowly shifting their focus from implementation to optimisation as they witness obtaining fruitful results from it. Optimising your existing content has been proven to impart better SEO in Sydney. So, adopt these 6 tricks to enhance your content even further:

Mix Different Content Types:

In the recent times, video content has been growing at a steadfast rate and receiving engagement more than ever. Also, carefully crafted email headlines have higher open rates, meaning people respond more when there is variety in content. Ensure that you reach as many people as possible by diversifying content messages relevant to their interests.

Begin with the Benefit:

Digital content works different from traditional content. Readers wouldn’t want to go through the build-up or storytelling part of any content. They’d prefer cutting to the chase and get to the essence of the content. This is why digital content should begin with benefit or the actual information people are looking for, right away. For instance, most recipe videos would simply begin with the cooking instructions, instead of talking on and on about how good it tastes.

Don’t Stop Experimenting:

Whatever content strategy or content type you put out, don’t stop testing them. When creating content, test different elements such as product positioning, pricing, relevant imagery and other important elements, and see how customers respond to them. Any business with any budget will be able to test content. Optimise the content periodically and see which one produces the best results across the channels, and how it improves SEO in Brisbane.

Create Fun & Engaging Content:

No matter what kind of business you do, you’d want to put your focus on creating content that is fun and engaging to everyone. Adding emojis have been proven to increase email open rates, and posting fun Boomerang and Instagram/Snapchat Stories will make your brand increasingly attractive. LinkedIn have recently given users the ability to integrate stickers in their videos.

Discover the Right Consumer Insight:

How beneficial is your product to your customers? When creating your content, focus on the ‘what’. Carefully analyse your product features and describe how it will make people’s lives better. This will create good results and attract as much audience as possible.

Don’t Forget Repurposing Content:

When you have created content in a particular channel and gathered results from it, look for opportunities on other channels for repurposing. For instance, a blogpost on your website shall be repurposed into a presentation on SlideShare. SlideShare content receive great response rates, therefore increasing brand exposure and better SEO in Melbourne.

These are some of the best strategies you can adopt with your existing content for improved SEO in Sydney and better brand positioning. When you simply don’t have sufficient time to invest on creating new content, these strategies can surely help.


Mahendra T
Mahendra T works for Indium software as a Senior Test Engineer and has an overall 4+ years of experience in the field of Security Testing. He is an expert in Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing and worked on different security testing tools like Burp suite, OWASP ZAP, Wireshark, Nessus, OpenVAS, Kali Linux distributed tools.