Tech Updates

No one can compete with the fabulous works of NY Printers

NY printers are the ones who work for New York Printing press. Their main job is to transform images and written text from paper or other sources into ink. These printers work quiet hard to satisfy their customers and force them to come to them again when ever needed.

The Projects taken up by NY printers are as follows:

  • Dabney Lee wallpaper
  • Columbia University Athletics Centre
  • Branding with acrylic
  • New York Life Install
  • Good Neighbour Queens

Some of these details are mentioned below:

  1. Dabney Lee Wallpaper- the Company named Dabney Lee did not wanted old wallpaper designs. So they gave NY printers the project to make attractive and beautiful looking office space with new designed wallpapers. They used HP Large Format Digital Printer for their wall graphics.
  2. Columbia University Athletics Centre- The famous Columbia University wanted to revamp the athletic areas of the university. They needed graphics that lasts for a long time and could be easily exchanged. The printing company provided vinyl panels and graphics for the wall.
  3. Branding with Acrylic- On acrylic the NY printers were asked to design a custom sign for Butterfly Beauty for the NY office. The HP Indigo Digital Printer was used for this project to be completed.
  4. New York Life Install- This Company wanted large formatted advertisements on wall that could depict the beauty of life and family importance. To complete this project they used HP Indigo and Digital die- cutter.
  5. Good Neighbour Queens- These artisanal grocers wanted to use some New York photographs which they clicked to be featured on their walls which were blank from many days. The NY printers used black and white ultra board to bring life to the photographs and looked very beautiful. They used HP Flatbed Printers for their vibrant work.