MilesWeb Review 2021: An Appropriate Web Host For all Types of Websites

For different types of websites, various web hosting types are available in the market. Choosing the right web hosting provider for your site is crucial when you’re up with hosting.

As I begin our discussion, I would like to explain why MilesWeb is the right choice.

MilesWeb far outperforms almost all the competition in the fierce competition. Its competitors are at a disadvantage because of its performance, speed, security, and adaptability. MileWeb offers the most robust hosting service at an affordable monthly price of just Rs. 60.

MilesWeb has wowed us with a special deal that includes some of the best shared hosting features we’ve seen in a long time, as well as a variety of freebies, including domain names and SSL certificates.

Speaking more about MilesWeb, the company has 30,000+ happy clients around the globe. They never fail to provide the utmost services and uptime of 99.95% on whichever hosting type you opt for. 

The following is a description of the web hosting plans offered by MilesWeb. 

Shared Web Hosting

The cost of hosting will be lower and less expensive in this case than in any other case. There is more than one website hosted on the same server. Resource allocation is done between multiple websites. As a result, the domain administrators split the server cost.

A shared web hosting plan can be an option for beginners who are looking for low cost web hosting options. Multiple websites can be hosted on the same server with shared hosting. Majority of the time, websites don’t know there are other websites out there. Depending on the package, shared resources are available to all sites.

MilesWeb offers three kinds of shared hosting plans: Solo, Prime, and Multi.

The base plan Solo starts at Rs. 60/mo on a three-year plan subscription. 

The resources offered in shared hosting include Website Hosting, 1 Free Domain, Email Accounts, 1GB SSD Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate, Website Builder, Control Panel + 1 Click Installer, WordPress Optimized, MySQL DB’s.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting is a hosting type that gives the user more technical control, such as the Web Hosting Manager.

People who are on a tight budget yet wish to start a web hosting company should consider reseller hosting. A provider will share your allocated bandwidth and space with other websites in this situation.

The possibility of cheap prices is the major reason behind reseller web hosting’s appeal. When opposed to web hosting, it provides greater freedom and flexibility. You don’t have to worry about the technical side when providing customer assistance to the sites that use your servers.

As part of its reseller hosting product offering, MilesWeb provides clients with DirectAdmin, cPanel, and Windows reseller hosting.

Within DirectAdmin reseller hosting, customers can choose from four plans: Micro, Startup, Grow, and Expand. Using the base plan, which starts at Rs. 396/mo, you’ll get a free SSL Certificate, a DirectAdmin control panel, Softaculous, Unlimited MySQL database accounts, and unlimited email addresses.

They also provide a billing automation tool WHMCS with all the reseller hosting packages at a minimal cost. 

VPS Web Hosting

VPS web hosting is similar to shared web hosting, but it uses visualization technology to offer you dedicated resources on a shared server. A dedicated server provides more security and stability for sites with medium traffic levels. As with VPS hosting, dedicated servers provide the same benefits, but at a substantially reduced cost.

Although most individuals contemplate starting with shared web hosting and then upgrading to VPS as their traffic grows, certain websites are better suited starting with VPS from the beginning. Among the sites that require dedicated IP addresses are eCommerce sites and sites containing sensitive information.

MilesWeb’s VPS hosting options include Linux-managed and self-managed options. Additionally, Windows VPS hosting is also available.

In managed VPS hosting there are two types: Standard and Memory Optimized

With all the VPS hosting plans, they offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee, SSD VPS servers, and 100% free bot-free support. 

You have ten plans under Standard VPS from V1 to V10. Standard VPS plans start at Rs. 630/month and go up to Rs. 32,640/month for the high-end plans.

The Memory Optimized consists of eight upgrade plans, VO1 through VO8. Rs. 3,906/mo is charged for the basic plan, while Rs. 31,248/mo is charged for the high-end plan.

In addition to vCPU, RAM, SSD Disk, Bandwidth, and 1 Dedicated IP, Standard and Optimized VPS types feature vCPU, RAM, SSD Disk, and Bandwidth.

Dedicated Server Hosting

When your website is hosted on a dedicated server, it comes with its server. Dedicated servers offer more flexibility and power at a premium cost. In this way, you need to decide whether all of that authority is required before proceeding.

You can manage large amounts of traffic on a dedicated web server, regardless of the cost. These servers can handle daily traffic increases of 30 times or more. The servers also provide faster page loading times and guaranteed security.

Dedicated web server hosting is the way to go if your site struggles to manage growing traffic and you need additional security.

All dedicated server hosting plans from MilesWeb come with Bare Metal servers, server control, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee. The company provides dedicated IP addresses, bandwidth, and Intel CPUs in addition to memory and storage.

Cloud-based Web Hosting

With this type of hosting, your site will receive services that are tailored to your specific requirements, which are delivered by many clustered servers.

Cloud-based web hosting is the ideal solution for your hosting needs because of its immediate access to services, scalability, and cost.

The majority of Cloud-Based Web Hosting plans will employ a straightforward pay-for-what-you-use pricing model.

This is a highly efficient method of paying, since you only pay for what you consume. Due to the ability of your site to expand and handle increased traffic, you won’t experience a halt in its performance.

There are four plans offered by MilesWeb under the cloud-based hosting category. Based on that price, two CPUs, two GB of RAM, 50 GB of SSD space, 1000 GB of bandwidth, a free SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address are included. 

MilesWeb is the best web hosting Canada provider for your respective websites by offering cPanel hosting, WordPress hosting, and Node.JS hosting.

What is your preferred option from MilesWeb?

When choosing a web host, you should consider your website type, resources, budget, and traffic. The following are a few of the benefits of each hosting option:

Websites with low traffic can benefit from shared hosting the most.

Hosted by a managed service, the user leaves the technical work to the professionals since they are not technically inclined.

If a website has outgrown a shared hosting account, VPS hosting is the best solution.

Cloud hosting is best for websites that require scalable resources and are quickly expanding. For websites that need complete management, dedicated hosting can be expensive.

I hope you are receptive to MilesWeb’s services now that you know what it offers and what type of hosting you should choose.