Lead Generation — 4 EASY TIPS by Performance Snatch

As the digital domains are expanding, the world as we see it is changing. Every click has been empowered by the internet and online media, for both the consumers and the suppliers. Marketing, advertising, delivering, they all are being conducted through online mediums. At this point, lead generation holds an essential place in digital marketing. But as a concept, people often ask, ‘what is lead generation?’

Lead generation is the process of cultivating interests in the users for a particular product or service. It stimulates mass preference and captures the attention of people to maximize the impact of marketing. The entire concept of lead generation has undergone a seachange with the introduction of digital marketing and social media campaigning. Prominent companies like Performance Snatch help you in developing a marketing strategy that is best suited for your business, using lead generation. 

The process of lead generation initiates when a website user clicks on a CTA or Call-To-Action link given at the bottom of any article or blog. This link will lead them to a landing page with a form that requires their personal details to continue. Once their data has been recorded, they will get a thank you message and sometimes, also a link to share further. The user data thus collected will be recorded for future usage. Performance Snatch allows you to send them a welcome mail, adding their ID to your mailbox. It has been proven that these kickback emails get a better response than regular email marketing. 

We have some tips for you to use lead generation in a better way for digital marketing.

Add forms to the pages with maximum traffic 

Once you begin the process of lead generation, you cannot start tracking your success rate immediately. To determine the sections where your page needs support, Performance Snatch adds required forms at locations that attract the maximum user base. They conduct an audit of your website’s performance so that an appropriate lead generation strategy can be implied. 

Simple ways to route most traffic towards your page are:

  • Email Marketing

Users landing on your website by responding to emails create a majority of the viewership gathered by statistics.

  • Social Media

There might be several campaigns running on your social media profiles and File Zig Zag, which will include a CTA. Users clicking on them comprise a significant section of conversions.

  • Blog Posts

If any of your blogs have gone viral, you hold the chance of gathering major attention from further sharing of the links.

  • Live Chat

The best way to have an interactive page is by adding an option of live chat to your website. Users can reach out to your customer service team and stay longer on the page, resulting in increased customer loyalty.

Keep experimenting, measuring and experimenting

Performance Snatch provides you with various tools to monitor the performance of each lead generator separately so that you know what works best with your user base. This feedback is required for altering any method, which is not that effective in comparison to your website’s viewership. The clickthrough actions can see wonders with experimenting. 

For example, you are using ‘Subscribe for more updates’ as a CTA on Page 1 and ‘Try our services for free’ on Page 2. If Page 2 CTA is getting more attention, you should consider adding similar action tools to other pages as well. Till you find the perfect option for your user base, keep an eye on the leads generated and keep experimenting.

Offer an eook with successful signup or download 

A good way forlead generationstrategy is by creating blog posts related to various subjects of your website. Keep the keywords dense to have better ratings on Google search charts. These keywords can be linked to an ebook that helps the readers to know more about the subject discussed in your blog. This is a subtle CTA that will demand the user information before downloading the ebook. 

If your blog has been optimized well, the chances are that the users will find your content on the first page of Google search. Such users are keen on information, and they will want to know more than a blog can provide. They will like to download the ebook, thus creating a successful lead generation from your website. This is a three-path conversion system that works the best for gathering leads, and Performance Snatch is proficient in merging SEO with lead generation for maximum impact on your website.

Personalize your Call-To-Action 

Ever wondered why you signed up for a newsletter in spite of not needing the extra information?

We all have done so, and it is most beneficial for companies operating on lead generation. The services of Performance Snatch excel at tweaking your website and adding little details that attract the viewers. 

Dynamic content allows you to cater to every user separately and create a unique experience for all. This concept can be used in creating website links, CTA, and web content. People who visit your website will find images, products, and other options tailor-made for their interests. Dynamic content works by collecting user history, previous page actions, and older purchases. By accumulating all this information, a diverse user experience can be created. It has been seen in the trends that a personalized CTA is 42% more likely to convert visitors than a plain CTA. Placing your bets on the greater probability, it is highly recommended to have a customized CTA design.

If you have a particular text, ‘Here is how your cover will look’ as CTA, it may or may not gather attention. But in a personalized view, dynamic content will alter the text like this: ‘Hey Gina, have a look at your new cover.’ Any person is bound to click on this CTA, preferably over the plain one. Thus, you can make the most impactful use of lead generation with customizations and the tips mentioned above, presented by Performance Snatch.