Latest Edtech Trends To Watch In 2018

The fast growth trends of technology are expected to flourish the education sector at an enormous rate. Every following year, educators speculate the new demand for technology that will rule the new phase of education. Technology has always been evoking the interest of the users to achieve the maximum potential for learning. This has revamped the education industry and has indulged the blended learning that involves online tools for learning, pedagogical techniques, application based learning, AR/VR technique, and many more.

Here is a glimpse of Education Technology (EdTech) that is gearing up to face in 2018:

(i) Internet of Things (IoT)- is the network of the physical device, home application, vehicles and other items embedded with electronics, sensors, software, connectivity through which exchange of data is possible. Through wireless interconnection, it is possible to have a real-time exchange of data. IoT allows direct integration of physical world into the computer-based learning of the remote objects, which results in the study of the object with improved accuracy and economic benefits in addition to reduced human involvement.

For the education field, IoT offers a smooth connection between the learners and technology focusing more on the personalized learning experience, without any distortion of the object and human error.

(ii) Mobile learning solution- The world is now concentrating more on the impact of technology. Gone are those days when the computer was the only method of a learning technique. With the vogue of smartphones, people now prefer convenient and handy smartphones that have taken a new shape in learning. Mobile provides a various number of applications for learning which follows a sequential order. One can easily study in a flow, without any interruption. Also, sequential arrangement of studies provides a better level of understanding. Such as, if a student needs to study Area Of Quadrilateral, then he must have prior knowledge about the quadrilateral, shape, dimension and other related details. Thus, this arrangement of data helps to develop interest amongst the students for their studies.

(iv) Artificial Intelligence (AI)- AI is the most intruding technological advancement of current time. AI is defined as the theory & development of computers to be able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as speech of recognition, visual perception, decision making & translation between languages. AI creates an ability for deep learning and instructional design that can improve the learning experience.

(v) Virtual Reality- Breaking the boundaries of space and time,  VR technique is a promising alternative for the learners to engage in education, by creating a virtual environment for learning. With the advent of VR in the education field, learners can enhance their learning experience. It offers a computer-generated environment for students with the help of a headset. This technology brings a change from boring and complex learning to a real-life learning and conceptual understanding.

These were some latest EdTech that can be a hit in the coming year. So far we have seen their acceptance by different EdTech companies.

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