Is Boosting An Issue To Be Taken Seriously?

The growing number of overwatch boosters today is something to be looked at seriously. This is because of the very fact that gaming has been taken up to a completely different level now. It is seen as a religion.

Overwatch Boosting and The Drawbacks

People these days are so addicted to gaming that they would do almost anything to reach the highest levels that there are. This is where overwatch boosting comes in. This brings together the top-ranked gamers out there to create a more competitive environment and to provide an overwatch rank boost to amateurs in order to reach the highest levels and obtain good ranks. However, various issues relating to boosting have come up in recent times. This is because the factor of overwatch rank boost challenges the authenticity of the game.

A lot of people are against it as they feel that overwatch boosting makes a game much easier and removes the thrill out of it. This is because the amateur or the beginner level player will never understand the dynamics of the game and merely move forward because of someone else. Even if a person wants to reach a particular level on his own, it is very tempting as well as easy to have an overwatch booster play for you in order to enhance your rank. Although this is a good business for the top-ranked players, it does take away the whole point of the gaming business where a gamer looks into all the aspects of the game and figures a way out in order to reach the top.

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Gaming provides the opportunity to use both sides of the brain in order to succeed. Overwatch boosting provides a shortcut to the gamers and is thus seen as something which affects the whole point of gaming. It compromises on the competitive integrity as a person who is not good at gaming can easily obtain an overwatch rank boost and can take over someone who is actually a good gamer. It also reduces the motivation of the gamers out there to play the game as they feel like they are not really playing against someone equal to them. They get tempted and resort to boosters which changes the whole scenario of gaming.

However, apart from all this, overwatch boosting is seen to be viewed as an initiative taken by gamers in order to build the gaming environment up. The issue right now is not being taken seriously because the aim is to inculcate gaming in individuals present and to give them an experience and thrill of how the higher levels will be. However, if this continues to grow as the commercial business and is only done for money purposes, then the integrity of gaming will be compromised. Thus, the overwatch rank boost and overwatch boosting must be restricted and must have some rules that they should follow in order to protect gaming. Therefore, although overwatch boosting has helped amateur gamers reach higher ranks, it must be used carefully in order to make the most of it.