iPhone Backup Extractor: Best iPhone Data Recovery Software You can Trust

If you are looking for free best iPhone data recovery program for lost data recovery from your iPhone, then you probably reach at the right information. There in this post we will share most used iPhone data recovery program and raid recovery service in Philadelphia, which is really effective for recovery of erased content from all Apple devices. The best thing is that the program is free for personal and non-commercial use.

The iPhone data recovery process via third-party software

When the any Apple device connects to the system on a Windows or Mac and synchronizes for first time with iTunes, iTunes itself makes a folder in which you backup all iPhone data. Backup data is stored in “Mobile-sync” hidden folder in user folder on the operating system. After creating the folder, every time the iPhone device synchronizes with iTunes, it itself updates the files.

You can select a backup method through iTunes using the device; you must run the backup manually by clicking the right button on device and select Back Up.

iPhone Backup Extractor

We believe this software is very easy and simple and can recover data quickly and safely. This works with most iPhone devices. The iPhone Backup Extractor can help recovering contacts, images, stories, SMS text messages and calls, video, voice mail, debug information, saved games, calendar entries and data that could be un-accessible.

The best aspect regarding this app is free, although the premium members enjoy some extra benefits. This data recovery software for the iPhone guide uses via an advanced scanning algorithm that allows you to recover data quickly and easily. There does not need any technical knowledge to work with this program that makes this one of the top iPhone data recovery program on the web.

Main features

  • It runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows;
  • Compatible to work with every Apple device
  • It converts the recovered data itself into CSV format in order that they can be simply converted to Excel or Web-mail format;
  • Recovers encrypted backup data from iTunes;
  • Recovers iCloud backup data;
  • It is easy software for which not any technical knowledge is needed;

How this program works

You can extract lost data separately or complete in a few simple steps:

  • Choose a folder wherever you want to store recovered data;
  • Start the recovery procedure. This extracts data from the selected iTunes backup folder;
  • Open the folder and check recovered data;

The iPhone Backup Extractor searches itself the iTunes default backup data. But, this software does not need that iTunes is present on the operating system you are using. You can copy the backup to another computer and use iPhone Backup Extractor there.

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