How you Keep your Instagram Profile Safe and Secure?

If you are a regular user of Instagram, you surely have fun there. It is amazing how it works. All you have to do is create a profile on the app after downloading it from the Play Store and installing it and start posting the moment you are ready to do so. You can post pictures, videos and other such stuff. Instagram is not Facebook; it works differently. The moment you start using it is the moment you realize the difference. While some people find Instagram better, there are others who find Facebook better.

Personally, I have been a big fan of Instagram, since it lets me post anything quickly. Also, it posts the same stuff on my Facebook Fan Page as well. This means I don’t have to take the efforts separately.

But there is something that has recently been brought to my notice – Instagram may not be as safe as it seems. If you have a public profile on Instagram, you may be risking yourself. If you are addicted to Instagram as much as I am, you must be posting selfies and talking about every single thing you are doing at the moment. I generally click pictures and even mention the location where I am. It makes me feel good to keep my friends, family and fans updated about where I am, what I am doing and with who I am.

As long as people are LIKING my posts, commenting on them and turning into my followers, it is amazing because I know they exist. However, there are people who might not be grabbing my attention, but visiting my profile every single day. I keep posting pictures with my son; is it really safe to do so?

This is when I wondered on this – can You See Who Views Your Instagram?

Then, someone told me about apps that have been created for the same.

Stalker Checker Apps:

Thanks to all those intellectual minds, you can now learn about names like InstaStalkCheck and find out who is stalking you. If you think there are a few people you would want to block – you can go ahead and do so. In order to keep your Instagram account safe and secure, make sure you have a private profile so that you control who views your posts, comments on them and even follows you.