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How to Mine Cryptocurrencies Likes SIBCoin?

Cryptocurrency is among the hottest topics currently, especially due to the increasing value of several cryptocurrencies. This inspires many to start mining these digital currencies and access their share of the profits. Whether it’s SIBCoin or any other currency, there are some standard rules to mine the coin. This guide introduces you to the main steps involved in the process.

Blockchains & Block Rewards

At the core of mining is the concept of block rewards. Usually, block rewards are given to a group or individual that finds that can find a solution to the hashing algorithm. It is a mathematical calculation using the results from previous block solutions. The history of all the block solutions and transactions makes up the blockchain. A block consists of cryptographic signatures for the block and all the transactions within it.


A masternode is a unique server that works in real-time. It works similar to bitcoin nodes but it also handles the anonymization aspects of its protocol. You can carry out transactions anonymously directly from within your Dash wallet. A small fee is applied to each transaction, which is also part of the block reward.

Join a Mining Pool

Now that you understand the basic mechanism, the next step to join a mining pool. The way cryptocurrencies are mined has changed over the years. During the early years, it was possible to mine the algorithms on a solo basis. You could download the wallet for a specific coin using the right software. As the popularity of most coins increased, the difficulty level increased, and solo-mining was no longer practical. When you join a bigger pool, the rewards are distributed between all the individual miners.

The Mining Process

Once you have the hardware and joined an ideal mining pool,  you will have to download the right software, set it up, and you can start the process. Usually, your pool is going to provide you instructions on setting up everything.

If you want to mine a cryptocurrency like SIBCoin, it is important to take the cost factors into account. It is not just the initial cost of set up, the continual expenses such as hardware maintenance and power costs should also be taken into account. Lower energy costs play an important role in improving the profitability of the process.