How to Monetize Your Blog or Website

Creating your very own blogs and websites is exactly like creating an empire and having complete control over what happens. A privilege to speak your mind, unfettered opinions, ideas and that’s all the blessings and the power internet had to offer. Whether you are a cooking enthusiast, a makeup maniac, a mad foodie, political aficionado, fashion junkie, marketing buff, a devoted educationist, avid photographer, or a fashion devotee, blogging gives you the freedom to create network with like minded people sharing similar interests. If your penchant for writing and your particular chosen niche has started engaging and started driving traffic to your website, the boisterous activity can also turn into income generation source. That means your blog traffic become your medium for generating income .It’s like double the fun, double the joy.

Now that we know blogging can be a profitable venture, let’s get to know range of monetization techniques which bloggers and website owners utilize to earn income.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

One of the best and effective ways to make money is affiliate marketing. As the name suggests affiliate marketing is when you help a company or individual advertise their products or services on your blog/website. In return you earn a commission every time a buyer comes from your blog and purchases from affiliate sponsor’s website.

The key is to select a link that’s somehow related to your site niche. For example if you are writing travelogues, you can offer marketing links related to discounted travel ticket opportunities.

  • Selling Advertising Space:

Companies or individuals pay you to display their advertisements on your site. For instance, once you register yourself on AdSense, Google starts posting ads on your website/blog depending on your site’s niche. For example your site’s niche is travel, where you creating content associated with travel; Google will start posting ads advertising discounted travel tickets or cheap holidays deals etc. You can get paid for clicks (CPC) or exposure (CPM).

  1. Pay Per Click-PPC
  2. Pay per Mile (usually 1000 views)-PPM
  • Selling Your Own Products Or Services

Sometimes when a blogger starts posting about their progress and how they start generating income in their niche area and through their experience, they become authority unto themselves. Since the strong base of followers start blindly trusting their bloggers each and every words, that’s the best time to start selling their informational products as well as services. It could be EBooks, soft wares; YouTube tutorials etc. are produced by highly experienced bloggers and internet marketers to generate passive income.


Remember you can only earn income via blogs and get good blog income reports if you have enough traffic following the niche you are working on. And to have enough traffic, you need to be able to make valuable and unique content for your followers that they can relate to. There are hundreds of other ways that you can use to successfully monetize your website, just make sure its relevant to the content you provide.