How To Maintain Your Industrial Camera

Machine vision is an integral part of quality assurance in manufacturing. It is an image-based inspection and analysis of the products. In other words, it is the eyes of your equipment. And what is machine vision if it lacks a high-quality industrial camera?

Manufacturers consider the durability and resolution of the image when looking for an industrial 2D and 3D camera.

But besides ensuring the quality of brand new cameras, manufacturers must also guarantee the industrial and line scan camera maintenance.

Here are some tips for maintaining industrial cameras:

1. Recalibration

Sometimes, the issues with the image quality and other imaging issues are rooted in the system and not in the cameras themselves. There are also situations where the sudden change in products affects the vision systems.

Remember, your system follows a pre-set algorithm for one product. Switching products also means new algorithms and programming. Ask your technician to recalibrate your embedded industrial PC system for cameras.

2. Deal with hardware failure.

Besides the camera, the industrial computer, AGX Xavier, and other hardware cause failure of the vision system.

Ensure that your hardware equipment, from the computers to the cameras, is in a solid state. Find an expert IT technician who will inspect your hardware.

3. Keep up with software and hardware updates.

Like your regular computers, your machine vision systems will seamlessly work if you update their software and hardware.

Ignoring updates could lead to several algorithm and calibration issues arising. The best way to improve your vision systems is to upgrade your industrial cameras and embedded industrial PC system.

4. Mind the environment.

Although industrial cameras and an embedded industrial PC system can withstand high temperatures, keeping the environment at its optimum condition extends the life of your machine vision systems.

Additionally, maintain the excellent lighting in your camera to improve the image quality of your industrial 2D and 3D camera and line scan camera.

You don’t have to worry about your machine vision systems if you follow these tips!

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