How to Highlight Your Site on Google

The internet is a more permissive medium, and you should adapt your message to those who read it. Writing is not simple, but there are ways to facilitate this work.

The most important thing is to develop your method, find out what works for you. These ideas are worth to blog texts or websites, so-called  Web writing. More info here:

  • List your ideas in topics without commitment. Write down everything, even what seems initially irrelevant, because once developed, this topic may even end up being the most important of the final product;
  • The second is a complement of the first. Always keep a recorder, phone, notebook, whatever at hand. If you do not have one, keep a notebook and pen nearby, or in your pocket. Good ideas usually come when you can not write it down. Remember those true entrepreneurs have ideas even asleep;
  • At the time of writing, move away from the computer or at least e-mails and the television.  Avoid distractions that can erase a good idea;
  • Choose a side, have a positioning, take a chance, allow yourself.  I’m not saying to be intolerant or prejudiced. Readers prefer reading content from people with attitude. Apathy usually has little pulling power. Now, regardless of your choice, research, justify, base, endorse your opinion;
  • Innovate, forget rules or standards. This is quite different from the previous tip. The reference here is, if any, to be prepared to have a point of view different from the standard or the majority. It is necessary again to have arguments for this discrepant behavior, otherwise, it can come to the point of uninformed;
  • Develop your method.  It does not matter if everyone considers their methods chaotic. Each one produces in a way. But do not try to get others to adapt to your particular chaos. If you work in a group, it is important to fit in, but nothing that prevents your personal chaos from prevailing at the time of logically creating if that works for you;
  • Avoid paralysis of the analysis.  Unless you are a philosopher, beware! You can spend so much time looking at all the angles of a subject, searching for information, and studying the contradiction that ends up failing to get out of this process and actually producing. Very complex or more sensitive issues tend to put us in this difficulty.
  • Discuss positive people.  Show your ideas. Ask for opinions. Avoid the negativists on duty who find it all bad or a waste of time, but also avoid the very nice ones. It is better for an acid criticism that saves you the time of writing something dispensable, than support for writing useless text;
  • Read magazines of the subject you want to write about.  If you know English, go to foreign sources as well. Look for something current. No matter how much you master a subject, always tell yourself more to be safe in writing.