How to Extract .B6Z Files for Free on Mac

You may have downloaded or were sent through email a file that ends in a .b6z file extension. B6Z is a compressed file format similar to a ZIP file and in this article, you will be shown the steps to open B6Z files on macOS X and extract the contents. Making use of b6z files requires the use of an app that can decompress the archive.

B6Z is becoming more popular among Mac OS users as the benefits are being realized. Much better compression ratios compared to other archive formats as well as a generally faster compression and decompression algorithm means that B6Z is the archive format of choice for many computer users.

The number of choices for opening B6Z files on MacOSX is limited compared to the more popular Windows operating system. The most popular and well-known app to open b6z files is called “B6Zip”, and we recommend this app. B6Zip has great support for a variety of archive files including .b6z and .b6. When you first launch B6Zip, you are able to choose file type associations that you would like B6Zip to open when you double click on them.


Once you have associated the file types you desire, you can extract a B6Z archive simply by double clicking on any of your files that end in those extensions. B6Zip will extract the file and its contents to the same directory as the archive by default. Opening the context menu by right clicking will also allow you to select B6Zip to open the archive. Select the destination directory where you would like to extract th B6Z file and the files will quickly be decompressed into the folder.

If you prefer to use a different tool to deal with your archive files, in particular b6z files, drop us a hint in the comment section.