Greater SEO Tips As Per  Your Requirement Now

If you decide to promote the site, then first of all you need to internally optimize it, otherwise the site will be just empty. With proper website optimization, the site will move faster in the search engines. Site navigation is also very important. If well thought out navigation, then users will easily find the desired material. In this post we want to list the important, as it seems to me, moments of site optimization:

  • Decide on the key queries for which you want to move. The SEO expert will help you with this easily. Direct is if you are advancing in The SEO expert and Google AdWords when promoted to Google. After you have selected keywords, you need to select the most relevant pages of the site for key requests.
  • It is better to optimize each page for one keyword. Be sure to have keywords in the <title> meta tags, but just listed keywords can have a negative reaction in assessing the relevance of pages. So write information for people, not for robots.

Also, the keys must be written in the page headers in the <h1>, <b> and <i> tags, and of course be present in the text of the optimizing page itself. But do not forget about the norm. Well, you need to “spam” the text of the page with keywords. Search robots can rank your page for spam and throw it out of the index. And then your optimization efforts will be in vain. With the use of the monroe seo this is important

Also during perelink write keywords in the anchor texts

If you have pictures on the page, be sure to write <alt> and <title> tags for these pictures with keywords.

Do not forget about the linking of the internal pages of the site using, for example, “similar materials”. Refer to similar materials on the site, and use the keywords in the title of article titles. This increases the views on the site. For the monroe seo this is important.

  • It is advisable to close all outgoing links from indexing using <noindex> or rel = ”nofollow” in order not to lose TIC and PR.
  • Navigation of the site is better displayed as links. This will improve site indexing. If you have graphic menu items, then it’s unforgettable to write <alt> and <title>. This is just for those visitors who save on traffic by disabling graphics in the browser.

It is better to place popular materials in the most visible place or make a separate section “Most Popular”.

Site Pages

Site pages should be accessible no more than the third level of navigation. By the way, this issue can be solved using the site map, which is placed in one click from the main one and refers to all internal sections and pages with the corresponding keys in the anchors. All materials should be accompanied by icons services from social bookmarks. Let your visitors easily share information with other users.