Five crafty uses of a laser engraver

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Almost everyone is familiar with 3D printers. The things which you can do with a 3D printer is limitless. But due to the high associated cost, people tend to ignore this product. But over the past years, things have changed a lot since normal people like us can use a laser engraving kit and easily carve on different materials such as woods, leather etc. The best thing about a laser engraving head is you don’t need to have the strong technical knowledge to use this equipment. Just use the user manual and you are good to create your first unique product. Let’s see five crafty uses of a laser engraver.

Key holder

Everyone knows the pain of losing the key. To avoid such problems people often used key holders. Those who are fashion concerned often says the key holders don’t look fancy. To solve this problem you can easily use a laser engraving head and create stunning wooden key holders. For instance, you can use the flagship laser engraver PLH3D-6w-XF model to create your first unique wooden key holder. Just load the design in the software and the laser engraver will do the rest.

Bottle opener

Have you ever think about wooden bottle opener? By using an engraving head controllable via PWM modulation signal, you can easily create a bottle opener with an extreme level of precision. Most importantly you can also mark different unique designs in the woods which will add significant aesthetic value to the products. But make sure you use a premium quality wood so that you don’t have face any unnecessary trouble while opening a new bottle.

Wooden puzzles

Creating wooden puzzles with the help of a laser engraving head is extremely easy. All you need is a plain sheet of premium wood. Just load the designs in the software and let the laser head do its work. Make sure you use masking taps since the extreme heat dissipated from the laser head might leave burn stain near the surface of cuttings. If necessary go for a test run in a sample piece of wood so that you know how things work when using the laser engraver heads.

Wooden ornaments

Designing and creating wooden ornaments has never been as easier as it is now today. Many people often prefer a wooden wedding ring since they can incorporate beautiful words which will remind their loved ones. You can also create unique earrings and other fancy jewelry with the laser of laser engraving technology. Just make sure you use good quality woods so that the finished products look extremely beautiful and dazzle other people eyes.

Designing on leathers

Designing on leather products has always been a challenging task. But not anymore! With the help of laser engraver head, you can easily carve different designs in leather materials. But make sure you use a light color leather so that the designs look much more vibrant. To remove side burning marks, use masking tape and rub the designed surface with rubbing alcohol.