Tech Updates

Further injuries can be reduced effectively

Back injuries are quite normal. If the right amount of care is not given to the back. The chances are that the spinal cord can get damaged. The spinal cord is a very delicate part of the body. It connects with the brain. So, it is important that people take the right measures to ensure the safety of their back.

An ambulance cot, having all the facilities

Stryker Power Pro XT Cot is an ambulance cot. It has been made with solid material to ensure the safety of the patients. It helps the patients to reduce the risk related to their backs. As mentioned before, a patient can come across the pain of the spine if the right technique of lifting is not incorporated.

The accessories packaged into the bundle

Stryker Power Pro XT Cot comes with a complete package of accessories. These accessories enhance the performance of this ambulance cot. The accessories include:

  • New battery
  • Mattress
  • Charger
  • IV pole
  • 12-month warranty

Although, many other accessories are available in addition. Requests can be made in order to add up to the specifications. The additional accessories are:

  • O2 bottle holders
  • Storage Catches
  • Restraints

Main highlights of the cot

The advantages and features of this amazing technology include:

  • The first and foremost advantage of Stryker Power stretcher Pro XT Cot is that it eliminates the risk of back pain.

  • It is powered by a hydraulic system that makes it unique. The powerful hydraulic system ensures high performance.

  • A back-up is provided in case of sudden power loss.

  • The battery can be operated easily. It is not hidden into the system and is available at the foot-end of the equipment.

  • The height of the equipment can be reduced or maximized according to the height of the patient.

  • A high-speed retract of the equipment aids in the loading and unloading procedures. Maximum versatility is ensured through the usage of Stryker Power Pro XT Cot.