Filmmaking Equipment Checklist: 7 Essential Pieces of Gear

Before you can set sails for your filmmaking adventure, you need to gather essential pieces of equipment. Now, there is no one-size-fits-all equipment package, because what you’ll get will depend on your budget and the type of your video production projects, which is why we won’t tackle specific brands here, but rather the essential pieces of gear you need to have in your filmmaking arsenal.

If you’re a filmmaking beginner, take a look at the top pieces of filmmaking equipment you need to get.

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Video Camera

You can’t go filming without a camera, can you? Carefully choose the one that will help you make high-quality videos and showcase your talent. You don’t need to get a very expensive camera, especially if you’re a beginner, so explore all the options and choose wisely.


A tripod will help you keep your every footage steady so that your videos don’t turn out to be blurry if your hands shake or if you do run-and-gun shooting.

DSLR Shoulder Mount

If you’re filming with a DSLR camera and don’t want to use a tripod, or you’re filming in a run-and-gun situation, a shoulder mount will come in pretty handy.


You need different types of lenses for dramatically improving your videos. You should get a wide-angle lens, zoom lens, protective lens, a polarizer for shooting in the sun, and many other lenses, all depending on your projects.

Audio Recorder

Many cameras have a built-in audio recorder, but it’s often not enough for a high quality of sound. That’s why you should have either a portable audio recorder to attach to your camera or a preamp audio box, which will record audio directly to your camera.


To be prepared for every situation, you should have several microphones in your filmmaking kit. You should get a shotgun microphone, a wireless microphone, and a boom pole, which is perfect for filming a crowd of people or group interviews. If you use a shotgun mic, be sure to get a shock mount to keep it steady.

Lighting Kit

To shoot perfect videos in poor light or at night, you need a camera light. If you’ll be filming inside, be sure to get a 3-point lighting kit to shoot videos like a pro.

Did you know that you can rent film equipment? If you’re planning a filmmaking project but cannot afford to buy all the necessary pieces of gear at the moment, you can simply rent those you need. You can do so at a very affordable price, so be sure to explore all the available options to find the best equipment that will help you master your skills and become a pro filmmaker.