Factors to Consider While Deciding On an Ad Network

So you’re at last all set to monetize the site you’ve been taking a shot at. Or alternatively maybe you’re now signed up with an ad network however are disappointed with its presentation and need to switch. Or maybe, you need to utilize the services of more than one network to show signs of improved results.

The only problem is that there are too many choices and the jargon flying around in the Ad tech world doesn’t help. In the end, there are only a few things you should consider before signing up a contract with an advertising network.

Size of the network

At first, a greater inventory implies that the advertising network has more choices when attempting to coordinate an advertisement to a site dependent on its content; this is called contextual targeting. Better focus on equivalent to expanded client commitment and higher CTR rates.

Quality of ads

As far as web client is concerned, the promotions that they see on your site are either verifiable or expressly supported by you, despite the fact that this might be a long way from reality.

Most of the publishers don’t worry about what ads are being presented in as long as they are being served and are profiting. This could be tricky and destructive to your image, regardless of whether it gives you great advantage for the time being.

Suppose you run a health blog and examine every possibility to make up the most convincing content within your niche and target audience. Your targeted people cherish it. Things are incredible.

Now suddenly an ad shows up which attempts to sell magic weight loss pills. That will kill all the gained trust. What’s more, that is not, in any case, the least of your issues.

Ad Formats

Ad formats can heavily affect ad performance and in this specific situation; one size certainly does not fit all, what works for one site may end up being a finished failure on another.

Advertisement network offers different advertisement formats such standard IAB display units, custom presentation units, content advertisements, rich media advertisements, video rolls, interstitials, pop-ups, pop-unders, in-text promotions, look box, label cloud, and other restrictive organizations that are best to them.

Make sure of one thing; do not go on too much at the same time, like using a video roll along with a banner or in-text ads. This harms your website’s user experience.

Compensation & payment terms

There are many compensation methods that are utilized by ad networks to pay publishers. Commonly used ones are CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per mile), CPV (cost per view), CPA (cost per action), and fixed cost.

You can pick the best pricing model for your website by testing them one after another and matching the generated revenue.

Installments are normally made on Net 10, net 15, net 30 and net 60 terms which basically indicate that the net sum is relied on to be paid in full and received by the distributor inside 10, 15, 30 or 60 days after the service is finished.

Keep these factors in mind, while choosing an Ad network.