Ensure that there is a never ending supply of printer ink

The average age of the computer user has become less today. Every household has a computer and a printer. The computer does not require much maintenance. However, the printers can take a toll on your patience. They have a bad habit of running dry just when you need them to print more. Many people think that this is a localized problem. However, this is a universal issue. Many offices also wait until the last minute before ordering for the replenishment of the cartridge. Many people pray for a continuous replenishment of printer ink. In fact, their prayers have come true.

What is the wonder solution?

There are special solutions wherein the printer ink replenishment comes directly to your house without you having ordered it. This is possible because of a unique system where the printer senses the exhaustion of ink and transmits an order for replenishment through the internet. The service entails the supplier to dispatch the replenishment by courier before the actual exhaustion of the ink.

What is the eligibility criterion?

Your computer should satisfy only two simple conditions.

  • You should be having a compatible printer.
  • You should possess a valid internet connection.

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Additional feature:

The main advantage of this plan is that in case you do not use the prescribed number of pages pertaining to your plan, you can carry forward the difference to the next month.


Subscribing to this plan would ensure that your printer never runs out of ink at any time. This is as good as a continuous replenishment.