EMF Blockers: The Ultimate Solution to Harmful Radiations

An EMF blocker refers to a product that repels electromagnetic field radiations from entering your body and disrupting the body’s natural system. Excessive exposure to EMF can cause severe damage to your brain cells and DNA.

Most people are aware of the destructive effects of electromagnetic radiations on human health. However, there has been massive public awareness about EMF protection gadgets and how they protect against the dangers of electromagnetic fields. When an electrical device is plugged, it triggers current flow which in turns leads to the production of electric and magnetic fields. Staying far from these appliances reduces your risk of exposure.

Why Block EMF/EMR?

EMF blockers prevent EMF radiations from penetrating the body and causing harm to your immune system as well as the nervous system. This can cause several health problems, including brain cancer, headaches, stress, and depression. Intensive exposure to EMF can really be devastating as it may lower your productivity levels. Remember, EMF emanates from electrical appliances such as cell phones, televisions, microwaves, ovens, iPods, and vacuum cleaners. Whilst it’s difficult avoiding such devices, you’re expected to understand that they cause serious health damages if proper measures aren’t taken.

With EMF blockers, the radiations will be automatically blocked by energy fields coming from the protective device. Not only do EMF blockers deflect electromagnetic waves but also help improve both your internal and external health. The most common EMF blockers include bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Whether you wear this jewelry or carry then in your pocket, you’ll still be protected from the dangerous effects of EMF. On top of that, these blockers are also known for improving circulation.


In order to minimize the health risks of EMF, most cell phone users use earpieces while others have opted for EMF shields. There two types of shielding materials that can be utilized:

  • RF reflectors. These will cause most of the signals to bounce off, just like mirrors reflect light. They can have potentially high shielding performance, and should actually be grounded for optimal performance.
  • RF absorbers. These shielding materials will absorb most of the signals, and reduce reflection. The absorbed energy is released as heat (but in liberal amounts). Grounding isn’t usually needed. In both cases, however, some RF does leak through the shield, as nothing is 100% effective. To boost performance, you can utilize double protection layers.

Benefits of EMF Blockers

EMF blockers offer countless health benefits, including:

  • Boosting the immune system
  • Improving circulation
  • Reducing stress
  • Ensuring mental stability
  • Lifting moodiness and depression
  • Increasing your ability to concentrate

For those who are highly sensitive, EMF blockers would be an incredible life saver! Some individuals literally develop excruciation headaches from being on phone for thirty minutes. Whether it’s being used as a water energizer or being worn on the body, an EMF blocker will bring a positive result. Though the impact may not be instant, you’ll eventually notice significant improvement. With all this discussed, isn’t it time you tried EMF blockers?