Download the Best Huawei HiSuite for Mac for Free

Have you ever wanted to synchronize your data between Huawei Smartphone and Mac? If you are not succeeding with your effort, then download SyncMate, HiSuite for Mac alternative. Now, sync data between Huawei mobile and Mac is highly possible with this.

About SyncMate:

SynMate becomes one of the irreplaceable HiSuite for Mac alternative. Using this, you can easily get rid of duplicate entries as well as manual data update. Besides, you can enjoy a limitless number of options and benefits from it. If you want to enjoy these things instantly, then simply download SyncMate from here and it will sync all you need within a few minutes. Based on over 156 users review about this product, it ranks 4.7 and this ranking still increasing.

Features of Huawei HiSuite for Mac:

Sync Huawei calendars and contacts:

Now, you can freely sync calendars and contacts on Huawei with Mac easily. One of the biggest added benefits of SyncMate is that it directly synchronizes the data between the apps. That means you would not require to unpack files manually. All your Huawei contacts and calendars will be sync to Mac contacts and iCal. It is similar when you sync contacts and calendar from Mac to Huawei.

Sync media and other folders:

There is good news for the SyncMate user that is from now you can sync Huawei videos, music, images, playlists, and even other folders to Mac. To do so, all you have to do is just connect Huawei Smartphone to your Mac directly and then launch the synchronize process. That’s enough, now SyncMate will do the further things for you. You can simply sit and enjoy its performance. For doing this, you do not require any online accounts or cloud storage.

Automatically sync data:

With the HiSuite for Mac alternative, you will sync data automatically without any hassle. For that, you have to set sync parameters once and it will be implemented at the time next sync sessions. This is a boon for those who want to switch data between Huawei mobile to Mac.

Mounting Huawei as the Mac disk:

Probably most of you know that Apple does not provide any inbuilt option to mount non-Apple devices with it as Mac disks. However, what do you require to access them on your Mac? Well, you have to connect Huawei to your Mac device and then mount it as a disk. Of course, you have done almost and now access to all files and folders in Finder.

Other sync options:

Apart from this, SyncMate offers a wide range of sync options and it even provides non-sync ones as well. Even you can text directly on Mac and then view and export Huawei call history. In addition to,you can backup Smartphone’s data on Mac.