Dominate the Rankings on the Search Engines

Today’s topic is going to cover a favorite subject of mine, search engines. I am naming this one Dominate the Rankings on the Search Engines. I have been writing about SEO for quite some time. If you have a website and plan to earn income or just want people to see it one of the marketing techniques you will need to learn is how to dominate the search engines. It’s one of the greatest FREE strategies. In some cases, it can be better than PAID. The reason it wouldn’t be the BEST of PAID is that you do not control it. However if you can dominate the rankings, you have a funnel of targeted visitors to your website for FREE. This traffic would most likely convert to customers if your website is setup to sell some type of product or service.

OK Ok, enough already. I think you get the point. So do I have your attention now? Good! Let’s get into why you would want to dominate the rankings.

The most important reason for wanting to have your website ranked in the top 5 or 10 on Google’s search engine is to get FREE traffic. This is huge. It doesn’t matter what type of content you have on your website, if you don’t have any keywords you want to be listed for in the search engines, you are NOT building your traffic. traffic. It’s like setting up a FREE wishing well on the search engines and when someone gets there, you are going to get rewarded with some FREE traffic. It’s pretty much useless to try and get traffic if you can’t charge for it.

Since the search engines don’t want to rank your website for keywords that you don’t have them most of the time, it is going to take some time and some effort to get it ranked. I should probably say, this isn’t going to be a completely no work process. There are a lot of ways to make sure that you do get ranked in the search engines, but lets face it, there are probably some really good reasons for you to take some time and learn a little bit about it.

It’s just bad for you in the end to get a good ranking in the search engines and then realize you’re not getting any traffic. I think that it’s better to just forget about it and figure out how to get traffic without paying for it.

So how do you go about getting ranked?

Placing and keeping your website on the first page of Google’s search engine results page is done by using a process called search engine optimization. You can learn quite a bit just by finding out more at

This is the process by which you create content on your site that is packed with certain keywords that people commonly search for when looking for information on the web. The more keyword-rich content you have, the higher your website will be ranked in the search engine results.

This means more traffic for you! The more traffic you get, the more people are going to know who you are. The more people know who you are, the more they are going to see your products and the more of those people will be going to your site.

This is why it is so important to get your website ranked. If you can get your website ranked in the top ten for the keyword you are going for, you will get thousands of visitors. In turn, those visitors will become customers and spend money with you. It’s that simple.