Ditch cable TV – Get DTH instead

Your cable TV connection is doing your TV set, and you, great disservice. Get a DTH connection and you will see what we mean.

Your home is the most important possession you have. You decorated it with expensive furniture and furnishings when you moved in, you got the best home appliances for the house. One of these was a costly plasma TV that now occupies pride of place in your living room.

And then you went and connected your superb plasma TV to a cable connection.

An ordinary cable TV network is fine for an ordinary TV and if you don’t have high expectations from the TV viewing experience to begin with. But when your TV is a Smart TV with crystal clear resolution and surround sound, then you don’t want to subject your TV to the travails of a cable connection. Instead, you should opt for DTH and see the difference it makes to your TV viewing experience.

Why is DTH better than cable?

On the face of it, both a cable connection and a DTH do the same thing – both offer you a lot of TV channels to watch. Both also come with a set top box and remote control. But this is where all similarities end. From here on out, cable just cannot match the bounties of the DTH connection.

First off, the cable connection has a set number of channels, most of them over 250 in number. These are spread across genres and languages. However, you don’t have the option of choosing which channels you want to watch – you are force fed a lot of channels that you will never look at. Plus, most cable operators don’t have monthly channel packs to choose from – they follow a one-size-fits-all approach for all their customers.

Second, the picture and sound quality are extremely poor. Keep two TV sets side by side: one with a cable connection and the other with DTH, and see the difference. The cable connection offers a grainy, dull picture quality with generic sound that relies heavily on your TV’s output. The problem is compounded when random spots and lines appear across the screen, or some channels simply disappear off the grid. Meanwhile, a DTH connection offers you crystal clear resolution and high depth of sound.

The cable set top box may often malfunction and not let you record any TV programmes that you missed. Or it suddenly ‘freezes’ and may have to be repaired.

But if you get a DTH connection, you will never face any of these problems. Leading providers like Airtel have the best DTH packs at good prices, easy installation and recharge options, and also an HD compatible set top box. The best part is, the entire set up operates on just one remote control, so you don’t have to use two remote controls (one for the TV and the other for the set top box).

Have you booked the Airtel DTH connection yet?