Computer Glasses: Top Benefits of Wearing Them

In this modern age, our ways of living and working environment have changed significantly – we usually spend more time in front of a computer during work time and also more time is allotted in using digital screens such as tablets or smartphones. Current studies have also shown that people tend to spend, in an average, ten (10) hours per day in front of a screen. This is the main reason why it is recommended to use computer glasses. But there is still a lot of people who are in doubtwhether computer glasses really work in preventing or reducing eye strain and even Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS.

Issues in our vision are one the most serious concerns of a lot people all around the globe. As a result, most of the people are seeking for solution to help ease the problem. And using prescription or computer glasses is one way to help with vision concerns.

It is best to always keep in mind that not all eyeglasses are the same and that they do not have the same purpose. The fundamental difference between computer glasses and regular reading glasses are their uses. We intend to use computer glasses to help us alleviate or to minimize the eye strain caused by looking or facing digital screen like computers, laptops, mobile phone and tablets for a long period of time without taking a break or rest.

These are some of the example of the advantages and benefits that we can have in using computer glasses:

Reduces eye strain

If you are having a sore eye and it cannot be fixed even by putting cold water on it then you might have a serious eye strain symptom that could lead to some serious complications with your eyes. Using computer glasses can definitely provide some help to alleviate the pain because it has a special feature wherein there an anti-reflective coating, which main purpose is for it to minimize or reduce the glare that bounces off from the digital device screen. To make it less harmful for the eyes, the computer glasses also have a yellowish tint that can also help to increase the contrast of the screen. It is for these features that these glasses can help us reduce or minimize the strain in our eyes.

Increased productivity

There is a very high chance that there would be an increase in productivity if problems relating to your vision are fixed.Using computer glasses to maintain proper visual acuity will make you more efficient with the things that you do. Generally, there is a big impact and our output is usually highly affected when we are suffering from a headache and a blurry vision. Due to the uncomfortable feel in the eyes, the time we need to spendto get something donewill also significantly increase. Using the right pair of computer glasses will be of great help in maintaining good eyesight and at the same time avoid damage to the eyes. It will also help relieve and ease eye strain especially when spending too much time on a computer when working.

Good posture

Having a better or good posture is also one of the benefits that we can gain by using computer glasses. Most of the time when we are working in front of the computer, we usually lean forward to have a closer look on the screen and crane our necks for us to see the top of the screen. Doing these can certainly lead to more problems on your back and even on your shoulder. Using computer glasses can aid with this bad posture as there would be no need for you to lean forward and crane your back anymore because you can still see clearly from a normal distance. This is because this type of glasses already has an integrated minimum magnification which allows us to see clearly.

Increase in eye focus

Using computer glasses can also aid in increasing eye focus. In fact, it can even help with astigmatism which is a type of refractive eye condition that causes our vision to blur. Ophthalmologists or optometrists will always see to it that they take accurate measurements for the lenses. This is to guarantee that the optical center of each lens is in front of the pupils. These lenses have the capacity to relax the quantity of accommodation that is need to keep objects in focus as well as it can provide the largest visual field.

Filters blue-light and radiation

In several cases, exposure to the hazardous Blue Violet radiation emitted by computer screens could also lead to problems such as eye strain, disturbance of the sleeping pattern and sometimes even macular degeneration. You could also choose computer protection glasses with lenses that have a yellow tint lens that significantly raise contrast and can actually assist to protect your eyes from the computer screen’s harsh lights.

Help reduce Computer Vision Syndrome symptoms

CVS or computer vision syndrome is essentially a collective term that includes a number of symptoms induced by having spent more than two hours a day in front of a computer or on a digital screen.

Opposed to how we read it off the screen, our eyes and brain respond differently to read characters when it is on a computer or digital screen. Focusing on digital characters is much harder for us as our eyes inevitably try to veer to a lower level of focus. After long hours of viewing a digital screen, the strain we feel in our eyes is usually caused by the effort to keep focus.

A study revealed that people who work with computers almost always experience diminished efficiency and precision even without visual complaints.In order to help reduce the severity of the effects of CVS, it is strongly advised that you invest in a pair of protective glasses which will provide you with comfort and promote better eye health.Through the use of high-quality computer glasses, symptoms such as red eyes, interrupted sleep and dry eyes associated with CVS tends to decrease.