Benefits Of Private Clouds With AWS On Premise

Amazon Web Services is a private cloud computing service that allows businesses and organizations to be able to access a cluster of computers available for them to access all the time over the internet. AWS subscribers are then allowed to access the system through the use of a modern day browser. The browser allows you to log in to the system and then be able to configure and use the virtual systems as you would do so on a normal computer.

This system is perfect for many businesses as this allows them to offload data services and storage instead of building their own private server.  What’s great about this service is that it allows you to actually just pay for what you need and use.  This means the more you use the service the more you are charged for the service but less usage also means fewer expenses.

Now if you are a business, you understand the importance of keeping data.  You want to make sure that your data is secure and safe as you want to ensure that no one who does not have clearance gets access to sensitive information especially those of customers.  You will need a safe way to store data that can be accessed remotely.  This is where private clouds with AWS on Premise comes in to solve this concern.

Control Over Your Own Data

With an AWS private cloud, you can safely store any of your information whether it be critical data of the company or sensitive customer information.  You also have rights and control on how your data is stored and accessed and you are given full control on how to handle the security of said data.  Unlike with public cloud servers where you give access and full user rights to the public cloud server owner, AWS private clouds give you more control so you can rest easy knowing your sensitive data will not leave your company’s firewall just like that.

Complying With Security

If you hold sensitive customer information or you simply have company secrets that you do not wish for others to have access to, then it is your responsibility to ensure that this data is safe and secure from unauthorized access or from cyber-attacks which are very prevalent today. In fact, in many cases, it is a requirement in certain sectors such as the military, finance, and government to ensure that your data is always secure and free from being hacked or accessed from an unknown source.  

Certain public clouds do offer a certain level of security to keep your data safe, however, anything can happen online and your public files may actually be accessed if we are not careful.  This is the reason we advise you to stick to a private server.

Reliability and Business Continuity

The problem with public clouds is that you don’t have control over when a cloud service suddenly stops functioning or if they go through a scheduled maintenance.  As public cloud servers service a multitude of companies at any given time, they cannot simply schedule maintenance around your work schedule.  This could be a disruption or hindrance in the future of normal business operations.  With a private cloud server, you have control over when a service is to be used or not, or when maintenance can be done making sure to work around the schedule of the people in your company and business.