Automation controls 101: an introduction for beginners

Thanks to the huge technological development, today we can enjoy a lot of things which are helping us out. Starting from your computer, mobile phone until all the devices which are inside your house, improving you everyday life. But the truth is that even behind the curtains and apart from all the things which you can see around you, there are many components which are involved into the process of making them, as well as producing some other goods on the easiest, and the best possible way. And if you feel like you haven’t understood none of the above, you can always get extra hints by clicking on the following link Within the industrial manufacturing, there are a lot of components making the process easier, and one other thing which is very important – controlled on the best possible way, not letting anything go wrong. But when it comes to this step, many people are having a lot of questions, since they are curious about the way by which something is being produced without a human being involved inside the process, apart from programming it. Within this article we will help you learn how it’s done, and help you if you are curious over learning how to use one certain type of automation controls.

What are automation controls?

Before we’ve moved along, providing certain information over the process itself, we must first give a correct definition towards this term. Many people are already familiar with its meaning, but are lacking of some information over the types by which a certain machine can be controlled automatically. As we’ve mentioned, the automation can be places as all the technology available and installed in order to keep a certain procedure as previously planned, without the need of an intervention by a worker. There are many types of devices by which the control is maintained, and they are coming in a different setting, design and usage, depending from the type of work that needs to be done, or the type of product that is expected. When installing a device of this kind, the companies are saving a lot of money for some additional worker’s salaries. But this is not the only advantage of their usage, because by using a programmable controller, the quality of the product comes with a great insurance, since we can be sure that there were no errors following the process of manufacturing.

How do they work?

One we are clear about the way by which the automation is used, we can continue over explaining the way by which they are producing a certain outcome. First of all, there are many types of devices of this kind, and since we can’t get through all of them, within this article we will explain the work of only one of them, and if you want to learn more by the other types you can click here and read more. The programmable logic controllers, mentioned as PLCs within the next sentences, are types of devices which are used mostly in the industrial manufacturing, working by previously programmed algorithm, made manually in order to respond towards the needs of a certain task. Once the programming is done, they are attached to the machines, following a certain input which is making a criteria towards the commands produced by the machines. Once this process is done, they are following the work and by using a certain logical operations, they are automatically reviewing the product made by the machines. If there are certain errors during the machine’s production, they will be displayed on the screen.

How to learn to use them?

No matter which is the reason by which you’ve decided to make some improvement over your knowledge about programming logic controllers, you should be very motivated in order to finish a task of this kind. First of all, if you want to learn how to program them, you will need to have a decent knowledge in logic and mathematics, which will help you understand the process. Its algorithms are working by a system produced by certain laws of logic, and in order to get that done, you should be familiar with the process from within.

In order to move to the next step, you must decide if you would like to take an online course, or to decide about taking one which will be more time consuming than the previous process. No matter which will be the way you will choose to go through, first of all, you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages following them. If you choose to learn it via tutor that is placed offline, you should consider trading more time and money which will be a process bigger than the previous one. By choosing to work online, the main thing you will need is a big motivation and a strong will to cooperate. You shouldn’t expect that you will learn everything simply by listening, even though many things can be learned on this way if you choose a quality RSLogix 5000 training for free. Of course, you can always choose to take a course that is paid more than the regular ones, but you should be aware that not always they can provide you more knowledge than the ones provided for free. You will need to do some additional readings of the material provided within the course, and follow the guidelines which are speaking about all the topics that will be mentioned within the course, which will help you know if it is accurate enough.


Thanks to the big development of the technology, today we can be sure that all the processes in a certain industry are made with a great quality, providing us a good product in the end. In order to have a process of this kind made, the producers must use a type of devices which will be in charge for controlling the automatic process. By putting it attached to the machines and programming it in advance, we won’t need a worker which will do everything manually in the process.