Another patent filed by the tech giant Apple

There is a report by the US Patent and Trademark Office that Apple, which is the topmost tech giant in the world, has filed an application for patent over the vaporizer technology. This vaporizer is a system that consists of the chamber body which takes unidentified substance and converts it into vapor.  The company needs to file the patent for this technology because earlier, Digital trends had also filed the patent for the same technology but that company was not able to clearly describe the utility of this vaporizer in the real world. Although, the bloggers and the researchers are still in search how the company “Apple” will use this vaporizer technology but they have mentioned about it in their recent blogs like @TechandGeek.

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The unrevealed secret of vaporizer purpose

Vaping is the latest trend of inhaling nicotine or marijuana and it is considered quite safer than the traditional cigarettes.  There are reports which claim that the technology giant Apple has not yet unveiled the exact use of Vaporizer but since it has FileZig Zag – File Converter Website the patent for it, it means that the company must be planning something bigger rather than just the personal use of the vaporizer. Initially, most of the people have thought that this vaporizer is for the recreational purpose but the product description does not sound like the same.

Keep in touch with vaporizer news

Certain speculations are there that if the company do not plans it to use for the personal  Vaping for recreation, then it must stand this products into the category of air freshener or some sort of medicine Vaping system which aims to benefits millions of users.  For more information about the vaporizer patent by Apple, you should keep a watch Tech Videos on the website. You can read about the latest updates as well as you can watch the related videos about it and check out how the vaporizer is used.