Air conditioners: what to take into account when choosing one

When the time comes to choose a suitable air conditioning system for the home, many doubts arise that only prolong the decision. We doubt what capacity is adequate; we stop to think about the dimensions of the space to be heated, which rooms need to be heated, etc. In addition, we always try to find a device with a quality-price ratio according to our needs that is efficient, less consumed and responsible with the environment. How many things?

What should I consider?

There are several factors to consider and that will be very useful at the time of making the decision on the Samsung Split ACs that best suits your needs. First of all, we must know exactly what places in the house we want to have air conditioning.

In addition, we have to know the characteristics of our home such as insulation, how the sun strikes or where more air current is produced and other sources of heat (number of people, computers or appliances, orientation of the room). These factors will help us to decide if we need a device that is a Split system, Conduit, Floor-Ceiling, Cassette or a portable air conditioning system, also know the power that best suits our house.

When choosing the power we need, it is essential to know the dimensions of the rooms we want to air-condition. On the other hand, we must take into account the benefits offered by each device. The Voltas ACs are synonymous with efficiency and low consumption since they have the Inverter technology that helps to consume the necessary energy thanks to its capacity to regulate the temperature of the environment.

Another factor to consider when choosing an air conditioner is energy efficiency. It is important that you have the energy label A, which gives the device the certificate of efficiency and, in addition, it supposes a considerable saving in the invoice of the light.

What are the frigories?

Knowing the frigorías that a home needs is of great help at the time of choosing an air conditioning but, what is a frigorIa? It is a unit of measurement used to know how cold is necessary for the temperature of one gram of water to fall by one degree centigrade.

Therefore, if we need to air-condition a small room with an air conditioner, we will need less frigories. On the other hand, for a large room, a higher number of BTUs will be required.

After knowing what a frigorIa is, we ask ourselves the following question: how many frigorIa I need to be able to easily regulate the temperature of my home? We explain how to calculate it.

Calculate the frigories for a space

To know the frigories of our home and choose the appropriate air conditioning, there is a simple formula that can give us an approximate figure of the frigories of the house. In addition, there are several factors that can determine the calculation such as the people who live in the house, the number of appliances and their power, the materials with which the house is made or the light that affect it.

There are other more complex formulas to calculate the frigories of an environment that includes people or appliances and technological devices that are in the house but, with which we teach you, you can get an approximate figure to your needs.