5 Prevalent Challenges in IT Maintenance for Companies

The digital landscape continuously changes with the years. Due to this, businesses come across significant challenges in IT maintenance. The issues can have a severe negative impact. Here are the five most prevalent problems most organisations encounter.

#1 Unnecessary Updates and Forced Obsolescence

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) make money by selling new gear. They will try to push you to buy new hardware. However, there is no need to remove a fully functional piece of hardware from your network simply because the OEM no longer supports it.

#2 Heightened Costs

About 80% of overall IT costs happen after the initial purchase. It is often due to the hefty IT maintenance expenses an OEM can impose on businesses. They can charge anything between 15% to a 100% increase for things that have reached the end of their useful life.

#3 Downtime

Downtimes can hurt a company’s bottom line and reputation if caused by network or server problems. Following crucial measures, it is possible to maintain service availability percentages of 99.99%. It is essential to purchase easy to repair and replace equipment in addition to load balancing, failover, and redundancy.

#4 Management Complexities

Keeping track of various service contracts from a variety of providers is difficult. When a problem or support issue is detected, it can be confusing to engage with many Singapore IT maintenance vendors and equipment providers to resolve the issue. Conflicting Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can delay repairs, and end customers eventually pay the price.

#5 Complexities of Geography

Many IT hardware and maintenance vendors companies work with are also managing a global supply chain. Many include complicated logistical assistance, transportation visibility, and catastrophe preparedness. Look for an agile services team that is adaptable enough to assist you in fast scaling to international waters.

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