4K TV Buying Guide for 2020

TV has become a necessity in today’s generation. Every person is running behind a TV. Well, it can as well be said that your TV is your friend in the best and worst times. In today’s generation, it is essential to get a TV. Why? Well, most of us are home-quarantined and isn’t it effective to get some source of entertainment? You may have your phone and social media to keep you entertained, but there is an altogether different essence for TV, which can play an important role.

With rapid advancements in technology, people are proceeding towards purchasing 4K TVs. Well, you need to ensure that you do proper research and planning for these TVs to ensure the best. Some of the prominent things you need to keep in mind while purchasing the TV include the following.

  • Size and setup

The first thing to check for while purchasing a TV set is how you are going to set it up and what will be its size. Before getting the TV set in your house, it is extremely necessary to check the space available in your room.

It is necessary to know that most of the TV sets are measured diagonally, which is why you need to be careful with it. Often the living rooms have a TV set up to 50-inch. But, a number of homeowners prefer getting bigger than that. Well, your wallet and entertainment center should fit within your budget. You need to ensure that you check the wall mounting guide as well.

  • Resolution

The 4K eventually indicates the resolution, but is it that effective. The 4K TVs usually do not have 4000 horizontal resolution lines but in 3840. As a result, you may want to proceed with 4K Ultra HD or HD for better results.

The difference between the resolutions is very much evident. As a result, the products must be clear and visible so that you can enjoy the most. You need to sit closer to the TV to avoid image degradation.

Should you be getting HDR?

You will find a wide range of affordable Electronique hi fi 4K TVs, but 8K HDR is also available in the market. You need to upgrade to different TV resolutions, so 8K is already here. Several tech giants will be launching these TVs. But they are pretty expensive. So, you need to ensure that you have taken a demo of the 8K TVs from any reliable source to find the best.

Avi Ben Ezra
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