Here’s How Tech Can Take Your Startup to the Next Level

The world is far beyond the times when one might understate the capability of technology. From its impact on our daily lives to the gadgets we couldn’t imagine living without, its effect is all together paramount. Following the coronavirus outbreak, internet usage doubled because die-hard entrepreneurs and big brands alike were forces to go live to overcome obstacles of social-distancing.

Why tech up?

Across all industries, competition is stiff to stay the least. While the bad news is that competition is often a headache, the good news is that it’s good for your business. According to Ben Yoskowitz, “If nobody is competing in your space, there’s a very good chance the market you’re going into is too small.” In addition to that, CBInsights released, “The Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail,” and getting outcompeted is No. 4 on the list.

Technology can make your business more efficient and simplify operations if you wear multiple hats in your organization. Thus saving you time and money and positioning competitively among your peers.

Tech up to boost productivity.

Undoubtedly, some creative mind out there is thinking of an innovative way to add hours to the day. Until then, there are just 24 hours to work with daily, and to get the most of best practices; automation is king.

By automating the most basic of operations, you allow yourself and your associates real-time to focus on OKRs and quarterly objectives. OKR softwarevirtual assistants, living and breathing ones, and those like Siri and make your business exponentially more efficient. Utilize them often to free yourself up for the elements of your business that you enjoy most or things that require your attention immediately.

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Embrace tech and all things remote.

Advanced video and cloud technology have made remote collaboration commonplace in today’s globally connected startup world. HIPAA compliance for call centers may be of importance to your business, so be smart and learn your limitations on contracting remotely. During the pandemic resulting from COVID-19, social media and professional networking platforms have become places of camaraderie and open forums continuing the flow of business and information. At this moment, it pays to adapt by increasing engagement and visibility online to help your business survive the health-related shutdown.

Here’s what you can do:

The odds are that this virus has impacted you in some way, and it’s forced you to adapt. That’s great. The things that you learn about your business in times of adversity will make you a better owner in the long run. To make life easier in short, here are a few things you can do right away.

  • Employ freelance contractors
  • Setup virtual office to continue team engagement
  • Automate most repetitive processes

Quick fixes like these enhance efficiency and help brick and mortar businesses that have had to scale back. If you still have extra time, then take advantage of online learning opportunities. By acquiring new skills, you add lasting value to your CV and to the contributions that you can make to your business.

Practice your due diligence to stay current on tech advances that influence your business and make you more productive. While competition is good for your business, it’s also good when you get a leg up through brilliant innovation. Likewise, it could be very costly if a competitor innovates first and gains an advantage. Like the saying says, only time will tell when it comes to what tech advances the future holds. Still, VR (virtual reality) and battery-powered houses aren’t exactly an indication of deceleration. Staying current, in this case, means staying relevant, and that means everything right now.