4 Healthy Habits Of Charging Your Phone With A Portable Power Bank Or With A Wire

Smartphones are one of the most vital components that we use in our daily life. We put so much time in front of smartphones, and one thing we often abuse about them is their battery life. Whether you’re a casual smartphone user or an enthusiast, we must admit that sometimes we find ourselves guilty of neglecting and abusing its battery life. Even if we have a fast charger or a portable power bank with us, we tend to practise poor habits that lead to shorter battery life on our devices.

While you can replace batteries, we need to have a healthy practice of using a smartphone to ensure a longer-lasting battery life for hassle-free and uninterrupted use. Whether you’re using a conventional wire charger or a portable power bank, here are good charging habits for maximising your smartphone’s battery life:


Partially charging your phone is beneficial, especially if you have a lithium-ion battery on your phone. Li-ion batteries often operate at low voltage when closer to 0%. However, this voltage gradually increases as the percentage of battery also does. Topping it up anywhere with a 70-80% charge is better than a complete 100% since it adds more charging cycles. Whether you’re using a traditional wire charger or a portable power bank, ensure that you don’t overcharge your phone.


Even if you’re using the fastest wireless charge or the best power bank in Singapore, you should refrain from using your phone heavily while charging. Avoid playing games or streaming videos while recharging since it can disrupt and distort charging cycles. It can also generate heat, which causes damage to your phone’s components (apart from the battery) over time. There are risks of electrocution as well.


The biggest adversary of your phone’s battery life is the temperature itself. High temperature can be a battery-killer since it reduces the longevity of your battery. Not to mention that it also causes more damage to the internal components. Maintaining your phone at around 25/40 degrees celsius while using and charging is the ideal temperature. Ensure that your phone doesn’t also heat while charging with a wire or even with a portable charger.


When you don’t use your phone that much, consider switching to a smart battery or power-saving option to maximise your battery power. Some apps running in the background can drain your battery faster than you thought, even after charging your device from a portable power bank. Since most Android and iOS devices come with such features, it’s best that you use them to ensure your battery will last longer and also prevent heat from intensive applications running.

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