3 Things You Should Know About Cybercrimes in 2019

The past few years have been pretty rough on IT security. There have been many major security breaches that caused governments and business to lose valuable data and money. And the prediction is that with the developing technology, there will be more and more cybercrimes, so it’s important for everyone to stay safe.

Whether you’re a private user or a business owner, here’s some critical information that you should know.

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There are Risks Involved with Using AI

The use of AI is becoming widespread, both at home and at work. And there are many advantages to using AI: the system is designed to automate manual tasks, it can act as a smart personal assistant, help with customer support, and enhance other human activities. AI systems hold large amounts of data, and that’s why they are a major target for hackers.

AI technologies are still developing, and right now they are unfortunately easily corruptible. Hackers can not only attack your AI system, they can also use AI technology to their own advantage. In the coming years this is seen as a major threat in the IT industry.

BYOD is a Necessary Evil That You Have to Deal with

BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device”, is a policy many companies are implementing. It means that employees are allowed to take their personal phones, computers, or other devices, to their workplace and use them to access company information.

While this can increase productivity and reduce IT costs, it is a potential security risk. Managing security on personal devices is a difficult task because many of us connect to the internet from various private and public locations, the company cannot block certain websites or constantly monitor the activity on personal devices. All this makes the devices more susceptible to cyberattacks.

Managed IT Services Make It a Whole Lot Easier

What can help you and your company the most with these threats is Information Technology Management. When you hire a Managed Service Provider, you leave your technology-related concerns to the professionals.

MSPs help keep all your software and hardware up to date, and they ensure the safety on all your devices. Managed IT services keep an eye on your company network 24/7, they make sure you are always protected, and they can catch and deal with problems before the problems become too great.

The technology is here to stay, and in 2019 we should all be looking to stay secure on our networks. A cyberattack can cost you a lot, so make sure all your devices are protected at all times.