Your RC Car deserves a high quality engine like the GoolRCS2430

When we choose a toy for the little ones in the house, what we look for is a game with which they have fun and entertainment to the maximum. Often, the toys they are most excited about are those they can build, move and handle by themselves; and that’s where radio control cars become an exciting world for them.

Better engine, more speed: Use GoolRCS2430

But not only that, radio control cars help us improve coordination and learn, for example, the meaning of directions: go right, left, go straight or pull back. With radio control cars, children develop skills such as: orientation, psychomotricity, imagination and development of reflexes. RC cars allow us to tune our senses, increasing our ability to react. But which RC Hobbies/Tech should we buy?

We must purchase good quality RC gadgets, with good parts and especially a good engine and original pieces. Do not trust those companies that do not give guarantee on the devices that they sell and that assemble the cars with used parts.

The GoolRCS2430 engine, innovation and technology in your mini RC toy

Believe it or not, this kind of thing also matters in RC technology to extend the life of our machines.That why we recommend the engine GoolRCS2430, a brushless motor, which is perfectly fit for the 1/16 or 1/18 RC cars, is made of high purity copper coiled to maximize efficiency. It also has a precision balanced rotor, which gives smooth starting for greater reliability. It is made for low heat production which allows a longer service life, with strong protection to overload, low-voltage cut-off protection for lithium or nickel battery, protection against excessive heat, protection against accelerator signal loss and Protection commands for high-precision functioning.

Does it fit to your RC Car? Check out this other features:

It has a resistance of approximately of 0.0127, a diameter is 24mm and its length rounds towards 30mm, the shaft length and shaft diameter are of 12mm and 2mm respectively. It goes at 60,000 revolutions per minute, with a maximum voltage of <10.8V and a maximum amplification of 18A.It only weights 45 gr so your car won’t be doing heavy to run. Other specifications to take into account are the Servo; an important component for our car can do all the functions of movement, especially the brake. The servo has an operating voltage of 4.8 V-6.0 V and an operating speed of (4.8 V): 0.10sec / 60 ° without load.