Why You Need to Find Ways to Help Your Millennial Employees Feel Valued

In your modern workforce, you probably have a number of age groups that represent your company. Whether you have a bunch of Baby Boomers or you are taking on a number of millennials, you need to find a way to make them feel good about their efforts. However, depending on the age of your employees, you might have to think of new and creative ways in order to do so. Here are some ways you can help your millennial employees feel like you care.

Be aware of the challenges they face

This age group faces some unique societal expectations that many former generations haven’t in the past. While millennials do have some factors that have put them ahead of other generations, they also have a number of cultural pressures that other employees might not have. Keep in mind that this is a generation deep within debt and who has had to go through one of the worst financial crises in the history of the United States. All this has shaped how millennials in the workforce view their jobs, employers, and co-workers, as well.

Keep sensitivity in mind

Millennials are known for being a more sensitive generation than many, and much of that comes down to the fact that they are usually social justice-minded and invested in making the world (and the office) a better place. This can be an extremely useful quality and can encourage business owners to think from a larger perspective than they would without feedback from this generation. However, you should also keep in mind that the feedback you give will probably be more effective if it caters to this idea. When in doubt, be kind in your criticism.

Reward them for being driven

Many millennials are constantly reminded about their need for professional success. Whether it is through scrolling through social media or hearing about ideas from innovative startups, they can constantly find themselves comparing their work situations with their peers. This is where you need to reward them for the extra work they put in—even if you might not find it necessary for the success of your business. You might find this need to succeed a bit excessive, but for them it is a typical part of life.

Be clear about your expectations

Because your millennial employees might be looking to alter some aspects of their work environment, it can be more difficult for them to have a clear idea of what their role is. This is especially true if you have them working on a number of different projects and combining tasks. Instead of seeing this as a negative quality, take a moment to sit down with your millennial worker and be very clear about what you expect, including office attire, time at work, and where the company is headed in the future.

In conclusion

Working with millennials can be incredibly rewarding, but it does mean that you have to keep their perspectives in mind when you hire them and keep them invested in your company’s vision. With these things in mind, you’re creating a loyal employee who will work hard for you.