Why Is It Important To secure Your Phone?

Your mobile is a personal asset not only because of its cost. It’s also a treasure trove of apps. Indeed a smart phone stores a mine of sensitive information. You photos, personal, videos and applications can also be enough to fulfill the wishes of a fraudster. By the help of handynummer orten free you precious procession may be back in your hand in no time.

There are similar applications that protect your phone from theft and misuse. However, there are few things you can do if you lose your most prized possession.

Data: The data as important as the handset. They are both equally precious. You should be able to protect them at any cost. Despite this, a surprising number of us do very little to protect our devices from getting into the wrong hands. Then we panic in the event of loss or theft. There are applications like handynummer orten free available to help you secure your data.

Screen –Lock: A simple screen lock may be fool-proof but helps in some or the other way. Most of us are used to setting up one on our phones. Fortunately it is helpful to deter a thief who might take the resource for granted. At least by doing so you would be technically slow down fraudsters in some way or the other.

A recent survey revealed that most of us don’t even bother to set up a screen lock after buying a phone. The user population that ignores the secure pin has increased from half the population to over three quarters including those who own tablets.

Crime –rate:

Smartphone thefts are at all time high and have been growing enormously with each passing year. The figures of phone theft are shocking with the statistics revealed by National Mobile Phone Crime Unit, Uk. According to their observation over 300,000 smartphones are stolen in the country every year.

In Us alone, 4.5 million smartphones were reportedly lost or stolen in the year 2013.

Attack: Smartphone theft is another reason for rising crime related to Identity theft, phishing attacks. The worse news out of all these is that the fraudsters are looking to build the organized crime to steal pricey premium –rate numbers racking up huge bills.

No wonder smartphone thieves are making a fortune out your misappropriated mobile.  Apart from the data attacks they can just wipe off the memory of your phone and sell them for good price. For help you can visit phishprotection.com.