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What does 5K TV Technology Mean For Our Viewing Future?

The technology of televisions has improved at an unbelievable rate in the last 10-20 years. If you look back to when televisions were first developed to what we have now, the change in technology and design is quite astounding. In the early 1900’s televisions were small devices capable of displaying a limited amount of programming in black and white colours. Today we have Ultra HD resolutions, streamlined TV’s that can be hung up on our walls, and smart capabilities that allow us to connect to the internet and watch YouTube in our living rooms!

One particular area of technology that televisions have developed greatly in the last 5 years is screen resolution and display quality. We all thought that 1080p HD quality was out of this world when it was released and this improved the quality of our movies and TV series ten-fold. Fast-forward to the current day and we now have 5K quality displays! What exactly is 5K TV and what does it mean for our viewing future?   

What is 5K TV?

5K TV’s are television sets that are able to provide a horizontal screen resolution of up to 5,000 pixels. Some technical specifications of 5K resolution are seen below:

– Horizontal resolution of 5000 pixels.
– Common screen resolution of 5120×2880
– Aspect ratio of 16:9 displaying a total of 14.7 million pixels
– 7x as many pixels as standard 1080p HD displays.
– An increase in the screen resolution of 33% from 4K HD.

How will 5K TV affect your viewing experience?

As you can see, the main benefit of 5K TV is a vastly improved screen resolution and conversely, quality of picture. A greater amount of pixels and resolution means your TV will have an improved quality and the programs and movie you watch will look even better. You should be able to notice a remarkable difference in the clarity of your TV and its range and depth of colours.

What does this technology improvement mean for the future of TV?

Effectively this can only mean positive things for the future of television. As new technologies such as 5K TV continue to be developed and released, the quality of our viewing experience should only improve. Furthermore, as 5K TV is brought into the mainstream market, this should reduce the cost of HD and 4K TVs. 5K TV is a huge leap in quality, and it should pave the way for future improvements for our viewing pleasure.   

Are there any concerns regarding Smart TV’s that use 5K tech?

Although this new technology will improve our viewing experience and provided us with an unparalleled level of display quality, there are concerns about the safety of smart TVs. A smart TV requires a connection to the internet to use its “smart” features – this opens your TV up to the same dangers that you expose yourself to when using the internet on your computer or tablet. Is your smart TV safe? Is the internet traffic monitored? What security measures are in place to ensure your TV doesn’t fall prey to malicious attacks?

This same fact means that companies are latching on to the benefits of Smart TV’s that use 5k technology. Did you know you may be served court documents via your TV in future, for example?

This is a grey area and many people simply don’t know how secure this type of TV is. If you purchase Smart TV with 4K or 5K tech, you should research its security features and find out what measures you can take to ensure your personal information remains secure.

5K TV is definitely a leap in the right direction and should improve our viewing experience greatly. Understandably, however, this type of new technology does raise concerns and you should always exercise caution and ensure you understand fully how a device works!

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