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What are the Benefits of 60 GHz PTMP and PTP?

Numerous advantages are found when someone uses 60ghz ptmp or PTP. Hence, people, are opting for this rather than anything else. However, before you go and choose this, some particular benefits you should be aware of in this modern world.

So, take a look at these benefits in detail to understand why this is better for you than anything else when it comes to the wireless link. However, before going through the perks, one should know about this in detail!

What is PTMP 60 GHz?

This is a point to multipoint bandwidth that makes wireless links faster and better. Also, this can be used in rural open areas as well as urban places without much hassle. Now have a look at the benefits of using this.


  • Secure and excellent re-usable for frequency

This band of 60 GHz has a characteristic which makes it highly affected when oxygen is absorbed. It means that signals which are transmitted through a radio using this won’t be travelling as far as various other frequencies. Being frequency re-use ensures this product is for open rural areas as well as dense urban places.

Moreover, multiple units’ colocation on the single tower has become possible because of narrow beamwidths that are achieved with beamforming technology as well as directional antennas with high gain. This proves that 60 GHz items avoid issues like self-interference, which is seen typically among other frequencies. It also ensures that multi GB wireless links are extra secure.

  • Noise-free spectrum

One of the things which make this quite the best is its remarkable noise-free spectrum for high output in PTMP (point-to-multipoint) and PTP (point-to-point) applications. Hence, the demand for 60ghz ptmp and PTP is growing daily.

Also, its increase in demand is due to reasons like over saturation of unlicensed or licensed frequencies makes deploying high speed difficult as well as wireless links’ low-latency. However, these perks depends on the country a person resides.

  • The form factor is small but has high gain

What one should know is that antennas which are high frequency happens to be quite small in size but has high gains when an individual can compare it with same sized antennas that have a lower frequency. Devices with 60 GHz assists in maintaining poles not to get overcrowded along with towers or rooftops of buildings due to its ideal size. The sizes of these are so small that if installed at residential places that homeowners will barely notice it.

  • Failsafe option

One of the things experts noticed that radio waves of 60 GHz are sometimes affected by natural aspects like rain. This is why most products of this bandwidth come with a radio of 5 GHz which always work as a failsafe. This mechanism means that it will adequately adapt to changes in frequency which are required for remarkable operation in any rain zone or climate.

So, ensure opting for 60ghz ptmp than anything else if you want the best bandwidth and frequency for your wireless links. Get it today!